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If you have moved or made any ownership changes, please notify us in writing. Send information directly to: Tax Collector, 201 Laurel Ave., Tillamook, OR 97141.  According to Oregon law the responsibility of address change notification to Assessment and Taxation relies on the taxpayer.  Late or mis-delivered payments are not eligible for any discount and will accrue interest.

ORS 311.555 Property owners to furnish addresses.

Each person, firm or corporation owning real or personal property within the state, or against whom taxes upon real or personal property are chargeable, shall keep the tax collector of the county where such real or personal property is situated informed of the true and correct address of the person, firm or corporation.  No person, firm or corporation who fails to keep the tax collector so informed shall be permitted to plead lack of due notice given by the tax collector in any suit, action or other proceedings commenced or prosecuted under the provisions of ORS 311.545 to 311.565 or in any matter growing out of the administration of ORS 311.545 to 311.565.

ORS 308.212 Requirement for property owner to file address. 

Any person who owns real property located in any county should notify the county assessor for the county where the property is located, of that owner’s current address. Notification must be made to the Assessor within 30 days of an address change.

Notice must be in writing and contain applicable property identification, map and/or tax account number.

The county assessor of each county shall maintain records showing the information required to be submitted to the assessor, and note any property owner’s change of address on the tax rolls.

Address Change Form

Use this form to change your mailing address for property tax statements. Fill in the form with the requested information, print out form, and sign.  Print a second copy for your records, data entered may not be saved.  The form may be faxed or mailed using the contact information indicated. You may also call our office to obtain email information.

Printable (PDF) Address Change Form Below

Click HERE to load address change form Adobe P D F Icon

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