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Please send only a check or money order. DO NOT mail cash. Your cancelled check is proof of payment.

You may also choose to make your payment from our webpage.


CHOOSE ONE of the following to avoid interest charges and receive any applicable discount:

FULL PAYMENT: Pay the "in full" amount by November 15th, to receive the 3 percent discount.

2/3  PAYMENT: Pay the "two thirds" amount by November 15th, to receive the 2 percent discount.

1/3  PAYMENT: Pay the "one third" amount by November 15th. No discount applicable.

Tax of less than $40 cannot be paid in installments and must be paid in full November 15th. If not paid, the total amount will be considered delinquent as of November 16th and will accrue interest on the total tax levied.

Payments must be delivered, postmarked or transmitted by private express carrier on or before the due date to receive any discount available and avoid interest.

According to Oregon law, if the postmark is after November 15th, discounts are not allowed and interest will accrue on the past due portion.

If the 15th falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the due date is extended through the next business day and will be noted on your tax statement.


Interest will be charged on any payment made after the installment due date for the schedule you choose. The rate of interest is determined by statute, which is 16% annually, or 1.333 per month. Therefore, payments made after the 15th are charged one full month's interest on the delinquent amount.

Tax Payment Procedures

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