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2018 Community Development Order Log
851-17-000489-PLNG Amending the Tillamook County Zoning Map to reflect Zone Change request #851-17-000489-PLNG ) to rezone a 2.07 acre property from Rural Residential 2-Acre (RR-2) to Water Dependent Development (WDD), located along #851-17-000489-PLNG Netarts Bay in Tillamook County, located at 9820 Whiskey Creek Road and identified as Tax Lot 800 of Section 190 , Township 2 South, Range 10 West of the Willamette Meridian, Tillamook County, Oregon. 1/31/18
851-18-000040-PLNG Goal Exception and Zone Change/Map Amendment Converting the Zoning Designation of 5.95 Acres of its Property from Farm (F-1) to General Industrial (M-1) for the Purposes of Constructing a Visitor Parking Lot to Serve the Existing Tillamook County Creamery Association Campus. 4/19/18
851-18-000011-PLNG Proposed amendment of the "Pacific City/Woods Community Plan" within the Tillamook County Comprehensive Plan Goal Element 14 to include updated text that
reflects changes within the community and the activities of the Pacific City/Woods Citizen Advisory Committee since the plan was adopted in 1999 and a text amendment request to Article III: ZONE )
233, PLNG
In the matter of consolidated appeal requests 851-18-000231-PLNG,851-18-000232-PLNG,851-18-000233-PLNG appeal of the planning commission's decision to approve with conditions floodway/estuary/floodplain development permit 851-17-000448-PLNG, conditional use request 851-17-000488-PLNG-1 and administrative review 851-17-000448-PLNG-02 for the proposed Tillamook-Oceanside 115kV Transmission Line project
851-18-000329-PLNG The adoption of the revised FEMA flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and proposed text amendments to Article 3 of the Tillamook County Land Use Ordinance  (TCLUO) Section 3.510: Flood Hazard Overlay Zone to conform to current federal regulations by incorporating floodplain regulations in Title 44 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 60 as enforced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and provisions of the Oregon Model Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.





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