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  • Land Use Ordinance (LUO) (Zoning Ordinance)
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    Tillamook County Land Use Applications Under Review
    Type Number Name Application Status Date
    Development DP 12-19 Bruun, Kurt Under Review 04/2013
    Conditional Use CU 14-04 Ferguson/McPherson Under Review 09/2014
    Development AP-DP 14-14 The Nature Conservancy/Hathaway Appeal Appeal Period (3/16) 03/2015
    Development AP-DP-14-14 Planning Commission Packet Appeal Period (3/16) 12/2014
    Development DP-14-14 The Nature Conservancy - Decision Appealed 10/2014
    Conditional Use CU-14-07 Oswald Under Review 01/2015
    Conditional Use 851-15-00034-PLNG Lommen Bridge Appeal Period (3/11) 02/2015
    Non-Conforming Major Review 851-15-000030-PLNG Elkins/Roll Appeal Period (3/16) 02/2015
    Minor Partition 851-15-000042-PLNG Klein Appeal Period (3/16) 02/2015
    Administrative Review 851-15-000056-PLNG Erickson Under Review 02/2015
    Minor Partition 851-15-000054-PLNG Samuelson Under Review 02/2015
    Exemption 851-15-000052-PLNG Weiss Under Review 02/2015
    Administrative Review 851-15-000060-PLNG Laviolette Under Review 02/2015
    Conditional use 851-15-000057-PLNG Ouska Under Review 03/2015
    Minor Partition 851-14-000028-PLNG Erickson Properties/Onion Peak Design Under Review 03/2015

    Code Modernization
    Article 11
    Article 10
    Article 9
    Article 8
    Article 7
    Article 6
    Article 5
    Article 4
    Article 3 Internal
    Article 3
    Article 2
    Article 1

    2011 Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan
    2005 Hazard Mitigation Plan
    Netarts Littoral Cell Report
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