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Tillamook County Plans and Ordinances

Comprehensive Plan
Land Use Ordinance (LUO) (Zoning Ordinance)
Tillamook County Land Division Ordinance

Planning Staff

Bryan W. Pohl, Director
Sarah Absher, Senior Planner
Tim Murphy, Associate Planner
Cara Mico, Associate Planner

Planning Commission Packets

July 23 Planning Commission Agenda

Tillamook County Land Use Applications Under Review
Map of Current Applications

Type Number Name Application Status Date
DP AP-AP-DP-14-14 The Nature Conservancy/Hathaway Appeal Appealed to LUBA 06/2015
AR 851-15-000060-PLNG Laviolette Under Review 02/2015
OA OA-15-02:
Code Modernization Project Under Review (PC Hearing 4/9) 04/2015
AR 851-15-000153-PLNG Charter, Powder Creek Appeal Period 05/2015
VA 851-15-000184-PLNG Erickson Appeal Period 06/2015
VA 851-15-000196-PLNG Andescavage Appeal Period 06/2015
CU 851-15-000195-PLNG Tillamook Animal Shelter Appeal Period 06/2015
VA 851-15-000187-PLNG Kolody Appeal Period 07/2015
ZC Planning Commission
Ogle Quarry Planning Commission Hearing 07/2015
ZC 851-15-000157-PLNG Ogle Quarry Under Review 06/2015
Road Renaming 851-15-000059-PLNG Road Renaming Appeal Period 06/2015
MN 851-15-000222-PLNG Griffin Partition Under Review 07/2015
DP 851-15-000227-PLNG Neahring LNWC Tidegate Under Review 07/2015
CU 851-15-000226-PLNG Tallman Room and Board Under Review 07/2015
MN 851-15-000238-PLNG Fitch Partition Under Review 07/2015
CU 851-15-000147-PLNG Netarts Wind Turbines Under Review 07/2015
CU Staff Report Netarts Wind Turbines 1 of 2 Planning Commission Hearing 07/2015
CU Staff Report Netarts Wind Turbines 2 of 2 Planning Commission Hearing 07/2015

Code Modernization
Article 11
Article 10
Article 9
Article 8
Article 7
Article 6
Article 5
Article 4
Article 3
Article 2
Article 1
LDO Draft
3.002: Farm (F-1)
3.004: Forest (F)
3.006: SFW-20

Tillamook County Plans
2011 Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan
2005 Hazard Mitigation Plan
Netarts Littoral Cell Report
Tillamook County Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessments, 2001
Tillamook County Transportation System Plan
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