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Planning Staff

Bryan W. Pohl, Director

Sarah Absher, Land Use Planner 3
Hilary Foote, Land Use Planner 2
Melissa Stresing, Land Use Planner 1

Tillamook County Plans and Ordinances

Comprehensive Plan
Land Use Ordinance (LUO) (Zoning Ordinance)
Tillamook County Land Division Ordinance

Bayocean Spit Zone Change Hearing Materials:
Packet: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Tillamook County Land Use Applications Under Review
Map of Current Applications

Type Number Name Application Status Date
Zone Change 851-15-000250-PLNG Bayocean Spit Hearing on 11/12/2015 08/2015
Partition 851-15-000331-PLNG Rice/Lavigne Under Review 09/2015
Conditional Use 851-15-000147-PLNG Netarts Wind Turbines Conditional Use Notice of Decision Appealed 07/2015
Appeal 851-15-000347-PLNG Appeal Netarts Wind Turbines - Staff Report LUBA Remand 5/9/2016
Appeal 851-15-000347-PLNG Appeal Netarts Wind Turbines - Board of County Commissioners Decision LUBA Remand 5/9/2016
Subdivision 851-15-000277-PLNG

Application Materials

LUO Criteria

LDO Criteria

Seashore Woods Subdivision (Revision of letter: Geologic Hazard Section has been updated to 4.130) Hearing requested for rescheduling

April 14, 2016

Subdivision 851-15-000265-PLNG

Application Materials

LUO Criteria

LDO Criteria

Proposal Rock Cove Subdivision (Revision of letter: Geologic Hazard Section has been updated to 4.130) Hearing Date TBD 02/2016
Conditional Use 851-16-000134-PLNG Thomas - Accessory Structure Appealed 04/2016
Variance 851-16-000143-PLNG Heidenreich Under Review 04/2016
Partition 851-16-000158-PLNG Noregaard / Onion Peak Under Review 04/2016
NCMN 851-16-000169-PLNG Widmer & Hansen Under Review 05/2016
Variance 851-16-000164-PLNG Zeitz Appeal Period 06/2016
Variance 851-16-000161-PLNG Hall Appeal Period 05/2016
Administrative Review 851-16-000149-PLNG Pastega/Wayne Cook Under Review

Public Meeting Scheduled 6/4/2016

Administrative Review 851-16-000151-PLNG Harmesen Under Review 05/2016
Foredune Grading 851-16-000182-PLNG Pelican Brewing/Kiwanda Properties LLC/Tillamook County Under Review 06/2016
Foredune Grading 851-16-000120-PLNG Shore Drive Under Review 06/2016
Foredune Grading 851-16-000159-PLNG Sunset Drive EXTENSION Under Review 06/2016
Partition 851-16-000206-PLNG Nehalem Point Inc. Under Review 06/2016
Conditional Use 851-16-000202-PLNG Smith/Mohler Sand & Gravel Under Review 06/2016

Tillamook County Plans
2011 Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan
2005 Hazard Mitigation Plan
Netarts Littoral Cell Report
Tillamook County Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessments, 2001
Tillamook County Transportation System Plan



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