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Tillamook County Employees will be furloughed on Friday, May 8th and Friday, June 12. Management will be available to answer your questions and offices will be open on a limited basis.

Tillamook County is now utilizing the State of Oregon's E-Permitting System.
Apply for your permit online here

Contact us:
1510 B Third Street
Tillamook, OR 97141
Phone (503) 842-3408
FAX (503) 842-1819

Office Hours: Monday
Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Current coastal river levels

Planning Commission Information

FEMA Information
FEMA Letter of Determination 2015

Code Modernization
Article 11
Article 10
Article 9
Article 8
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Article 6
Article 5
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Article 3
Article 2
Article 1
LDO Draft
3.002: Farm (F-1)
3.004: Forest (F)
3.006: SFW-20
FHO OA-15-02
  • Bryan Pohl, Director
  • Chris Chiola, Environmental Program Manager
  • Mark Brien, Building Official
  • Joni Sauer-Folger, Accounting Clerk II
  • Tommy Steiber, Accounting Clerk II

    Find the Tillamook County Land Use Ordinance Here

    Permit Application Forms

    Electrical Permit Application
    Plumbing Permit Application
    Mechanical Permit Application
    Planning Worksheet

    Visa and Mastercard Accepted
    2011- 2012 DCD Fee Schedule

    FHO OA-15-02 Proposed Flood Hazard Overlay Amendment

    Board of Commissioners Hearing: April 8, 2015 for AP-AP-DP-14-14 (Continued to April 17, 2015)

    Staff Report
    Exhibit A
    Exhibit B
    Exhibit C
    Exhibit D
    Exhibit E

    Notice of Public Hearings:
  • April 9, 2015 - Planning Commission & May 6, 2015 - Board of County Commissioners
  • 851-15-000059-PLNG May 27th Hearing

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