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851-18-000040-PLNG - Tillamook County Creamery Association Comprehensive Plan Amendment Permit

Applicant Submittal  
  Cover Letter
  Zoning Permit
  Burden of Proof
  Exhibit A - Site Plan
  Exhibit B - Site Survey
  Exhibit C - Tax Lot Map
  Exhibit D - Zoning Map
  Exhibit E - Parking Alternatives
  Exhibit F - Phase I ESA
  Exhibit G - Stormwater Report
  Exhibit H - Geotechnical Report
Notice of Public Hearing  
  Notice - Scheduled for March 15, 2018
March 15, 2018 Hearing  
  Packet (Exhibit B of the packet is the information under "Applicant Submittal" above)








Friday March 09, 2018 12:32 PM

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