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The Site Evaluation Process

Site Evaluation Purpose

The site evaluation is the first step in determining if a parcel meets minimum State mandated requirements for the installation of an individual on-site wastewater disposal system (septic system). The site evaluation process involves the evaluation of soils exposed in test pits which have been dug in the area proposed as the installation site for both the original and repair area septic system absorption fields. Based upon the characterization or description of the soils exposed in the test pits and detailed mapping of the proposed development parcel, a determination is made by Tillamook County On-Site Sanitation Division staff as to the ability of the parcel to support the installation of an individual septic system. This determination is based upon requirements for the installation of individual septic systems found in Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 340, Divisions 71 and 73.

Site Evaluation Steps

Completion of the site evaluation process involves the following:


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