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Electrical Service Information

For Customers, Contractors, Electricians And Developers

It is the policy of Tillamook People's Utility District to provide electric service and service extensions to all customers within its service area provided such service extensions comply with District policy.

The following guidelines will assist you in obtaining electrical service and to help you avoid the inconvenience of installing an electrical service that will not be approved.

  1. Contact the PUD by calling 1-800-422-2535 or 842-2535 and request information on new service extensions before construction. We will work with you to determine the best meter location ans select the route the power line must take to reach the selected metering-delivery point.

  2. Service masts assembled for overhead service must be of rigid steel conduit with weatherhead, meter base, service entrance conductor, two ground rods, clamps and ground wire. PUD specifications also require that the mast extend through the roof, unless prior approval is given.

  3. Underground service assemblies consist of the meter base, two ground rods, ground rod clamps, ground wire and conduit. The conduit may be rigid steel or schedule 40 PVC. A 90 degree long sweep ell at the bottom of the trench is required and there cannot be any bends in the conduit between the meter base and the long sweep ell. The trench and backfill for underground service is supplied by the customer. The trench must be 30-inches below final grade, and generally in a straight line from meter base to our serving facilities. Depending upon soil conditions, schedule 40 PVC may be required by the District.

  4. Mobile Home services require careful planning as the main disconnect usually installed below the meter base must be within thirty (30) feet of the mobile home. Service masts must be rigid steel and attached to the pole with standoff brackets. Underground service to mobile homes can utilize customer furnished meter pedestals.

  5. Commercial and industrial services requiring instrument transformer rated metering must comply with Tillamook PUD wire color code, type and size. Conduit must be one (1) inch rigid steel and meter bases must contain provisions for a utility test switch. These installations also require ground rods, clamps, and ground wires. Instrument transformers provided by the District for commercial or industrial projects are to be installed by the customer in a customer owned, sealable, steel cabinet.

All installations must have an electrical permit obtained from the County Courthouse and comply with District specifications. It must pass the inspection of the State Electrical Inspector before the service can be energized.

All new services generally require an easement, a completed Application for Service card, a signed Line Extension Agreement with fees paid, and where necessary, a deposit toward the electrical billing.

We look forward to serving you and trust you will contact us before construction begins to avoid unnecessary delays. You can use the following link to visit the Tillamook PUD website for more information.

Thursday April 06, 2017 08:12 AM

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