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5995 Long Prairie Rd
Tillamook, OR 97141

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Monday - Friday
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Community Corrections
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24 hours


Inmate Mail Policy

All outgoing mail is inspected prior to sealing.
All incoming mail is inspected prior to delivery to Inmate.
Official/Legal mail is inspected in the presence of Inmate.

All money should be sent as a Money Order or Cashiers Check, No Cash Please. Please indicate if the money is to be used for Bail.

To Deposit money using a credit card, Click Here.

Mail sent to an inmate should be addressed:

Inmate Name
c/o Tillamook County Jail
5995 Long Prairie Rd
Tillamook, OR 97141

Mail is distributed to the inmate within 24 hours after receiving the mail.

  • Personal checks
  • Mail that contains threat of physical harm or threats of criminal activity
  • Mail that concerns sending contraband into or out of the facility
  • Escape plans
  • Plans that violate corrections facility rules
  • Concerns for criminal activity
  • Mail that contains codes
  • Mail that contains information, which if communicated would create a clear and present danger of violence or physical harm to a human being.
  • Criticism of Operation, Programs, or Personnel
  • Polaroid pictures, weapons, drugs, tobacco, medications, poisons, matches
  • Photo's larger than 4"x6"
  • Newspaper clippings/articles (including from internet)
  • Packages (without prior approval)

    Inmates of the correctional facility may only possess the volume of accrued mail that will fit in the drawer provided for them or the equivilent of that amount, unless that volume of mail presents a fire hazard. Excess mail will be placed in Inmate's property storage or an inmate can sign a property release form to release excess mail to a family member or friend.

    Incoming and Outgoing letters should fit in a standard 4" by 9" business envelope or a standard 5" x 6" greeting card envelope. Outgoing mail weight should not exceed one ounce. Incoming mail will be received regardless of weight and shall be refused only if postage is due. All exceptions must be approved by supervisor/Jail Commander (prior to mailing)
    except for: Incoming Legal/Attorney or Official/Government Mail.

    Writing paper, pencils, eraser, and stamped envelopes must be purchased through commissary. Inmates of the corrections facility who are indigent are allowed to order writing packs, consisting of a pencil, eraser, writing paper and three stamped envelopes weekly. These writing materials can be used for correspondence with friends and family members, attorneys, or other legal representatives. If Inmates have Debt and receive money, 50% is applied toward the Debt and 50% is available to purchase items. This way the debt is slowly paid off.

    Inmates may correspond with whomever they wish.
    The exceptions are:
  • Inmates in the Tillamook Jail or other local, state, federal, facilities; including Treatment Centers.
  • Correspondence that includes plans for escape, threat, or harm to others; that conceals contraband
  • Persons that the Court/DA/Jail/Community Corrections has placed a "No Contact."

    Mail may be refused to be delivered to an inmate of the corrections facility that contains:
  • Staples or metal devices
  • Mail received without full name and address of person corresponding with inmate
  • Mail consisting of decals or stickers attached to envelope or letter
  • Mail containing perfume or other scents, masking the ability to sense contraband by staff
  • Mail that contains foreign stains or substances not readily identifiable by staff
  • Mail that contains return stamps or writing paper will be rejected by staff
  • Mail with adhesive tape will be rejected by staff
  • Polaroid pictures will be rejected
  • Mail that would create a hostile work environment, sexual harassment, improperly marked legal material or “bill me” credit applications or products will be rejected.

    Inmates of the correctional facility may not possess any explict materials or publications which exhibit the following:
  • Encourages or instructs in the commission of a criminal activity
  • By its nature or content, poses a threat to the security, good order, or discipline of the institution or facility's criminal activity
  • Graphically depicts: Sexual penetration, Homosexual acts, Sado-masochistic acts, Beastiality, Sex acts involving children, or Nude photographs of men or women that cause a threat to another in the facility
  • Photographs that depict or show genitals of men or women (partial or total nudity) that would cause a threat to the security, good order, or discipline of the facility even if they did not lead to violence

    Publications which depict racism, sexual harassment, religious persecution, or are gang-related and could promote a hostile work environment will be rejected by staff.

    All periodicals and magazine subscriptions must be obtained through the publisher. Hardbound books will be rejected and returned to publisher or placed in the inmates property. Written request to the Facility Commander or designee must be filed for permission to receive publications. These requests will be reviewed and considered for approval by the Facility Commander

    J. BOOKS
    Inmates may receive up to three books (puzzle, self-help, novel) in a shipment. Books must come from the publisher, book club, or bookstore. Books may be new or used. Books must be paperback and no larger than 9" x 12". They may not have plastic or metal bindings. Staff will consider any other item in the parcel as contraband and treat as prohibited mail. Prior approval must be requested from a supervisor. Content of each book must not violate jail regulations. An inmate acknowledges books accepted into the facility become property of the Tillamook County Jail.

    Any mail that is rejected by staff to inmates of the correctional facility will be stamped with the appropriate stamp and returned to sender. The letter or publication shall remain as a whole and no portion will be removed and given to the inmate. The inmate will be notified in writing that mail was returned to sender, with the name of the sender and what type of mail received was returned to sender. A copy of the notification will also be sent to the sender.

    Revised October 26, 2012


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