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 ATLAS 1974         INDEX 1974

1N10               1N5             1N6                 1N7               1N8             1N9               1S10-11
1S6                  1S7             1S8                 1S9               2N10            2N6               2N7
2N8                 2N9             2S10-11          2S6               2S7              2S8                2S9 
3N10-11         3N6             3N7                 3N8               3N9              3S10-11        3S6
3S7                 3S8              3S9                 4S10-11        4S6              4S7                4S8
4S9                 5S10-11      5S9                 6S10              6S11            6S9


ATLAS 1942    INDEX 1942

1N10            1N5           1N6              1N7              1N8           1N9              1S10-11
1S6               1S7           1S8              1S9              2N10          2N6              2N7
2N8              2N9           2S10-11       2S6              2S7            2S8               2S9
3N10-11       3N6           3N7             3N8              3N9            3S10-11       3S6
3S7               3S8           3S9             4S10-11       4S6             4S7               4S8
4S9               5S10-11    5S9             6S10            6S11           6S9


















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