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Court Fees


Filing Fees starting October 2011

Small Claims

    Complaint  $48.00

    Answer   $48.00

    Counterclaim  (included with Answer)

    Prevailing fee

      Claims Less than $1000

    $93 for default judgments; $108 for trial

    Claims for $1000-$10,000

      $93 for default judgments; $108 for trial.  See ORS 20.190

    Sheriff's service fee $36 for one person.

    Writ of Garnishment

        $12 (first writ)(subsequent writs $6)

        $25 to Sheriff

        Bank's fee. Check with the bank.

Evictions (Landlord Tenant)

     Complaint $75.00

    Answer  $75.00

    Plaintiff's trial fee $-none

    Sheriff's service fee $36  and up for multiple parties

    Notice of Restitution -- no fee (Sheriff has service fee)

    Writ of Execution  $6 (also Sheriff's fee for service, however)

    Sheriff's fee on writ of execution Tillamook County Sheriff Fees

Marijuana Diversion fee $335

    Evaluator: $90 (pay to evaluator)

Traffic tickets --late fee/license suspension fee $50. Dismissal fee $25

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Appeals to Circuit Court

    $11 to Justice Court

    $240 to Circuit Court

Transcripts of Judgments

    $6 from small claims docket to civil docket

    $6 from civil docket to Circuit Court  (for a total of $16)

         Circuit Court fee is $15

There are other fees, which are provided for in statute.  The above are the common used fees.

Bounced checks. Per county policy, Non Sufficient Fund (NSF) checks to the court will result in a $35 NSF check fee added to the account, per order of the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners.

Justice Court can accept debit and credit cards for fees. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover

We cannot accept debit and credit cards for fees for the sheriff or bank, or Circuit Court.

(The fees are set by either the Legislature or the county Board of Commissioners)

Monthly Payment Plan Fees

Sheriff's Fees

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