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Minor In Possession of Alcohol

Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP) is a violation under Oregon law.

   Possession of alcohol can be proven by facts showing the defendant had physical possession, constructive possession, or possession by consumption (breath) of alcohol.

   The minimum fine is $260 and the maximum fine is $1,000.. 

Additional Penalties (2007 Legislature)

There is a one year driver's license suspension for the first conviction of MIP. This suspension occurs at the time of conviction, and is done by the Court.  A copy of the order is sent to DMV so DMV can update the defendant's driver's license status.  This may be lifted after 90 days.  Subsequent convictions require a full one year driver's license suspension.

Subsequent convictions also require the court to order a formal alcohol assessment and evaluation with a state-certified Evaluator.

If a defendant was operating a motor vehicle while MIP, then the minimum fine is $365 and the maximum fine is raised to $892.

For first time offenders, you can petition the court in writing to restore your driving privileges after 90 days.  You must attend a one day class ("In Charge"), pay your fine in full, and write a five page letter on your class experience. Information on the class is available from the court.

Court decision on constructive possession of alcohol

Court policies and procedures

If the defendant is under age 18, then the MIP case will be handled by the Juvenile Department.

Underage drinking is a national problem. Underage Drinking Links See ODHS news release 9/18/07, underage drinking

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Donít Wait to Talk to Your Teen About Alcohol

Underage drinking is a growing problem in Oregon, with the rate among eighth-grade girls growing by a third over a recent four-year period. Underage drinking can lead to traffic fatalities, school failure, sexually transmitted disease, adolescent pregnancy, youth suicide and other negative consequences. In Oregon and nationally, research shows that parents who deliver clear, consistent messages have more influence on teens than most people think.

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In 2001, underage drinking cost Oregonians $697 million dollars in medical costs, lost productivity, pain and suffering and other costs, according the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. That translates to a cost of $2,074 per year for each youth in the state.

 Oregonís Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) program is designed to address local, county and statewide needs for preventing underage drinking through a multi-faceted approach. Through local and county prevention projects, statewide media messages on the issues of underage drinking laws and laws related to furnishing alcohol to minors and other partnerships, Oregonís EUDL program is making a difference.

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