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Marijuana Tickets

Justice Court has jurisdiction over tickets for the violation of Possession of Less Than One Ounce of Marijuana. 

The violation has a minimum fine of $650 and a maximum fine of $1,150.   In addition, the Legislature requires that the court direct the Oregon DMV to suspend the defendant's driving privileges for a six month period.   There is no hardship license exemption.

DIVERSION.  If a defendant has not been convicted of any substance abuse crimes or violations and is not now or in the past participated in a substance abuse diversion program, a defendant may choose to petition the court for a Marijuana Diversion.   Diversion lasts for one year and requires the defendant to be drug free, to be evaluated by a drug evaluator, and to participate in the treatment or counseling that the evaluator may recommend. 

The costs for diversion are a $335 court fee, $90 to the evaluator, and the cost of the treatment program.   The evaluator has no financial interest in programs to which referrals are made.

A diversion petition form, issued by the Oregon Supreme Court, is available on line or from the court.  Marijuana Diversion Petition form

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The Oregon Health Division operates the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

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