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    Mediation is any process for resolving disputes in which another person helps the parties negotiate a settlement.  Mediation Services -- Conflict Solutions

    Mediation is useful in a wide variety of conflicts.   The participants meet with a neutral, disinterested third party, who is trained to assist the parties in exploring the facts involved in the dispute, and to work towards finding some common ground and solutions.  

    The parties are encouraged to develop some innovative solutions to their issues and problems, and often come to an agreement where the solution is not something the judge could impose on the parties after a trial.   In a trial, a judge is required to determine what the facts are, and to impose a decision based upon the law.   Very often, that decision is not what the parties really want, and does not resolve long term issues, and heal relationships.   Artis Van Rassel, founder of our program

    If the parties reach an agreement, the agreement can be enforced by the court later, if a party asks the court to enforce the agreement. 

    A primary goal of mediation is to help people improve their future relations and gain confidence in handling conflicts.   Problem-solving is important, but reaching a detailed agreement is not the sole or ultimate measure of success.

    In Oregon, certified mediators must attend 40 hours of intense training, as well as observe actual mediations, and then conduct mediations monitored by a trainer.  

    In Tillamook County, mediation services are offered by Conflict Solutions for Tillamook County.  Mediation is useful in small claims cases, landlord tenant disputes, neighbor disputes, and mobile home park issues.  The coordinator is Marie Heimburg

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