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Traffic Law (Oregon State Bar link)

Oregon State Bar link -- Should I Fight My Traffic Ticket?

Spanish Traffic Court, first Tuesday of each month, 4 p.m.  An interpreter is available. Judge Denise Harrington presides.  She is fluent in Spanish. Oregon DMV Contenido en Español

Justice Court handles traffic tickets in Tillamook County that are written by the Tillamook County Sheriff's Department, Oregon State Police, Tillamook City Police, State Parks, State Forestry, Oregon Liquor Control Commission, other state agencies, and some tickets written by the police officers for the City of Manzanita. The Sheriff's Department contracts with the City of Garibaldi and Bay City for police services. Other local traffic courts

Presumptive fines can  be lowered, depending on your driving record.  If you are not an Oregon resident, you will need to provide the Court with a copy of your driving record from your home state.  This is normally available from your state's DMV. You must advise the court before your first court date that you are doing that procedure.

   A traffic ticket is a violation.  These are not criminal charges, and you are not entitled to a jury trial or a court appointed attorney.    The officer must prove the ticket at trial by providing evidence more likely than not that the violation occurred.  This standard of proof is also called a preponderance of evidence. The Oregon Evidence Code applies in trials.

Justice Court has jurisdiction over juveniles ages 16-17 for traffic matters.  The Tillamook County Juvenile  Department has jurisdiction over juveniles for other violations and crimes. 

Fix it tickets.  Some tickets can be dismissed by the court clerk, if they are equipment or license related matters.  See the Fix it ticket order.pdf.  There is a $25 court cost. 

   You have three choices on what to do with your ticket.  You can plead not guilty and have a trial. You can have a trial in person or by mail. Trial Procedures. You can plead guilty or no contest.  A no contest is like a guilty plea.  On a guilty plea or a no contest plea, you can give the judge an explanation of what you did.     The judge cannot dismiss most tickets, unless there is a trial and you are found not guilty.   The state Legislature has set a minimum and a maximum fine for each type of violation.   The judge cannot reduce the fine below the minimum.   The bail amount on the ticket is the "presumptive fine", which is higher than the minimum fine and lower than the maximum fine.

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                                                       Photo by Deputy Sheriff Paul Fournier

   If you are convicted of a traffic violation, the court is required to tell this information to the Oregon DMV, and the DMV will put the conviction on your driving record.  If you live outside of Oregon, the Oregon DMV will send the information to your state's DMV.  

   At a trial, you can question the officer, you can question any other witness the State asks to testify, and you can bring your own witnesses to court.  If you have a problem getting a witness to come to court, the court can give you a subpoena.   You don't have to testify at the trial. Trial Procedure

   If there is a fine, you can pay the fine by cash, check, debit or credit card, or a payment plan.  The Legislature has established a minimum bail schedule. 

   If you don't appear in court, or don't contact the court, or don't pay a fine, the court will ask the DMV to suspend your driver's license, and may assign the account to a collection agency.   If your license is suspended, all of the fine needs to be paid before the court will ask DMV to reinstate your license.  There is a $50 court cost imposed as a late fee/license suspension fee. If the account is assigned to a collection agency, Credits, Inc.  That agency will add additional fees, as allowed by state statute.

- US101/OR6 Traffic Improvement Project - ODOT link --Downtown Tillamook

   The court cannot give legal advice.  You may wish to consult your own attorney.  Legal Aid's phone number is 1-888-245-4091.

    Attorneys scheduling trials in Justice Court must comply with the court's speedy trial policy.

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