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Current Projects 

ODOT/Tillamook County Seismic Pilot Project

Cape Meares Road Relocation Project

Project Information and Schedule Updates:

The County, in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Western Federal Lands Highway Division (WFL), is working on preliminary design and environmental reviews for the Cape Meares Road Relocation project (see vicinity map). FHWA is the lead federal agency for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review.

The project is currently reviewing three preliminary alternatives. These include the following; existing alignment, North alignment and South alignment Proposed alignments May 2016  Recent and ongoing survey work is reviewing and comparing these three preliminary alternatives. The County will select a preferred alternative to carry forward into the Environmental Assessment for analysis along with the No Build alternative.

See link for the environmental review schedule: Road Relocation Environmental Review Schedule 

Funding Status:

The County has secured approximately 12.5 Million in funding for the project.  The local match of 10.27% for $10.1 Million is $1,037,270.00.

Purpose and Need: 

The purpose of the project, as currently defined, is to restore service on Cape Meares Loop Road and reopen this section of the Three Capes Scenic Route which provides visitor access to Cape Meares National Wildlife Refuge and Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint and Lighthouse.

The project proposes to construct a bypass around a historic landslide area that closed a 1.5 mile section of Cape Meares Loop Road located between the communities of Oceanside and Cape Meares on January 11, 2013.

Cape Meares has documented ongoing landslide activity dating back to the late 1890s. The hillside is prone to rapid and significant movement, with the slide moving approximately nine feet between 2007 and 2013. An emergency bypass of the active slide area on Cape Meares Loop Road was built in 2007, but additional slide activity in early 2008 prompted the County to complete a damage assessment. The assessment documented that the roadway had moved approximately 90 feet since the 1960s when the road was originally constructed.

With Cape Meares Loop Road closed to through traffic, visitors and local residents may only access the wildlife refuge and lighthouse from the south. According to visitor counts in 2011 and 2013, there was approximately a 12 percent decrease in visitors to the wildlife refuge and lighthouse following the closure of Cape Meares Loop Road. Additional benefits of the project include providing a tsunami escape route for the communities of Oceanside and Cape Meares and an emergency detour route for Oceanside and Netarts when Highway 131 is closed due to slope failures. Additionally, when slides and roadway closures occur on Bay Ocean Road, the community of Cape Meares is cut off from emergency services, schools and jobs. Construction of the bypass will alleviate the concerns caused by the current roadway closure.

Public Outreach:

The County has been doing ongoing public outreach regarding the project. The following is a list of meetings and presentations held by County staff:

Oceanside Neighborhood Association Meeting 04-02-2016  FY2015 Road Briefing - Oceanside

Oceanside Community Potluck Meeting  04-04-2016

County Roads Advisory Committee Meeting 05-02-2016

 Board of County Commissioners Meeting 05-04-2016 Consideration of agreement with FHWA-WFLHD, item postponed.

Oceanside Community Meeting 02-04-2017

Stakeholders Meeting 02-08-2017

Cape Meares Community Meeting 02-17-2017

Public Comments/Questions:

You can post comments on this project on our Facebook page

You can also mail comments to:  Tillamook County Public Works, 503 Marolf Loop Road, Tillamook, OR 97141

Previous Studies and Project Information:

OTAK Engineering Consultants Cape Meares Final Technical Memo is available here for your review Engineers Report; Engineers Costing; 

Here is the Cape Meares Power point presentation 06/24/2014  presented at the Board of County Commissioner's workshop, and Audio of the workshop.

June 23, 2016 Press Release

Alternatives Analysis Memo 01-20-2017

Alts Memo Appendices  

Appendeix A Tribe Letters

Appendix C Map of Preliminary Alternatives

Neskowin Secondary Access Project:

Archaeological Report

Archy Concurrance

Hazardous Materials Assessment

Wetland Delineation Report

Wetland Concurrance

Resort I:  The roadway repair project at milepost 1.3.  This project consists of realigning the existing road away from the sloughing portion of the Nestucca River bank just upstream from the River View Lodge.  The project is tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2016. Road closure notice 05/26/2016 Road closure changed to June 20, 2016 

Construction will begin August 1, 2016 to relocate the existing alignment of Resort Drive at Milepost 1.3 away from the Nestucca River about 25 feet.  During construction beginning August 1, 2016, the road will be closed.  This project should be completed by the fall of 2016.  MP 1.3 project is an earthworks project and the most cost effective time to build this repair is during the dry summer months.    Brooten Road and Old Woods can be used as the detour route.

Resort II:  Embankment failure at MP 2.1 in March 2012, placed concrete jersey barriers at the edge of the road.  This project is being funded mostly by Federal Highway (FHWA) under their Emergency Relief program and administered by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) For your review,  Feasibility Study.  Road closure notice 05/25/2016

Lommen Bridge:  Replacement bridge to cross the Nehalem River on Miami River Road at MP 10.8.  Funded by ODOT.

Mapes & Myrtle:  Replacement of two culverts on Kilchis River Road.  Design funded by OWEB and TEP.

Whalen Island Bridge:  Design for replacement of bridge to commence in 2013 with construction in 2017.

Neskowin - Hawk Street Secondary Ingress Egress:   May 28, 2016 Public Meeting Status Report

Some of our Past Projects

Farmer Creek Road: Installed a rail car on Farmer Creek Road at MP 0.5 due to a failing culvert.   It is a one-lane road with appropriate signs.  This culvert was replaced by a bridge made possible from funding by 6 partners.

Kilchis River Road:  Bank stabilization project.  Funded by FEMA and IFA

Blaine Road

Johnson Bridge  (Trask River)

Sandlake - Galloway Road

List of Capital Improvement Projects from 1988 - 2004






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