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Slide Photographs, Comparison Photographs, Construction Photographs, Chronology of Events, Slide Repair Plan


This photograph is at the intersection of Sandlake Rd and McPhillips Drive, looking southeast, the day after the slide.

Slide occurred early morning on January 29, 1999 on Sandlake Road at mile post 10.5.


Slide Photographs

1/29/99 at 9 am:

Looking NE.  Photo

Looking SW.  Photo

Looking SW.  Photo

Looking South.  Photo

Looking NW.  Photo

1/30/99 10 am:

Looking SE (intersection of Sandlake Rd and McPhillips Drive).  Photo

Looking South (large signs are at the Sandlake/McPhillips intersection).  Photo

Looking SW.  Photo

Looking NE.  Photo


On the beach looking South.  Photo

On the beach looking North.  The rock material in the foreground is from the recent slide to the right. The smooth slope in the distance with the long culvert is the site is a major slide repair done in 1990 about 500 ft North of the current slide.  Photo

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Comparison Photographs

The photographs listed below offer a good comparison.

1/29/99 Morning of the slide around 9 am; looking south.  Photo

1/30/99 Morning after the slide.  The size of the slide more than doubled in size during a 2nd slide that occurred about 4 pm on the first day.  Photo

9/30/99 After the completion of the repair project.  Photograph is from the same angle as the above photographs.  Shaping of the shear key limits where one can stand to get the same viewpoint.  Photo

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Construction Photographs

Heavy equipment moving dirt.  Photo

Reconstructing the land.  Photo

Reconstructing the land with Cape Lookout in the background.  Photo

Working the road base.  Photo

Laying the new road foundation.  Photo

Gravel Sandlake Road base.  Photo

Paving Sandlake Road.  Photo

Sandlake Road paved and ready to stripe.  Photo

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Chronology of Events

January 29, 1999
The first major motion of the Sandlake Road slide was at approximately 6:20 am. The length of this initial slide was about 300 feet.  The location of the slide was on Sandlake Road about a mile south of Tierra del Mar (3 miles north of Pacific City).  The much more major slide occurred at approximately 4:00 pm.  The length of this subsequent slide was just over 600 feet long.  The County Board of Commissioners declared a State of Emergency at 5:15 pm.

February 1, 1999
News Release regarding danger potential to the public was sent out.  Governor John Kitzhaber made a Disaster Declaration for the slide.

February 4, 1999
ODOT and Federal Highway Administration officials with County representatives to conduct a preliminary review of the site.

February 8, 1999 (week of)
ODOT drill crews plan to start exploratory drillings in the area surrounding the slide for preliminary engineering design requirements.

February 18, 1999
Lead consulting engineer for the emergency detour route (W&H Pacific) submitted a project timeline for detour route completion to ODOT (subject to drilling results and other possible factors).  Anticipated opening of the emergency detour road is slated for mid-April 1999.  The Governor's Emergency Declaration for the slide and request for Emergency Relief funding has arrived at the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in Washington D.C. for final review and approval.  Regardless of FHWA approval or not of the request (approval is expected), the Tillamook County Director of Public Works is committed to getting the emergency detour road open on schedule as discussed above.

February 22, 1999
Update regarding Federal Emergency Relief funding status:  A new wrinkle. The FHWA "Emergency Relief" (ER) program funding allocation has been entirely spent for the year.  The Director of Public Works talked with a representative in Senator Wyden's office about the Emergency Relief funding allocation. He confirmed the allocated money was all spent.  Congress has to pass an authorization for additional funding to the program.  This has happened before and so far Congress has always come through, but there are not guarantees.  The Director of Public Works is still going to continue with the emergency repairs at Tierra-Del-Mar.  If we don't get ER funding, this will be a $300,000 hit to the Road Department budget to get the detour route open.

February 26, 1999
Update regarding status of consultant work on-site:  Of the two drill rigs on-site, the ODOT rig completed their portion of work and moved out.  The private contractor drill rig crew is continuing their work with two more remaining sites.  Their drilling work should finish 3 March.  The geology and design consultants (Landslide Technology and W&H Pacific) have completed a base map of the site.  Preliminary discussion of horizontal and vertical emergency road alignment options based on drilling results and other information will start next week.  At this point the emergency road detour design is still on schedule for final plans by the end of March.  The Director of Public Works still anticipates an expedited emergency detour road construction process with possible construction completion mid-April.

March 1, 1999
Update regarding detour design details and funding:  Both the Director of Public Works and the senior representative from the W&H Pacific asked that clarification be made on the anticipated emergency detour road completion date.  W&H Pacific is submitting weekly status reports to the County on progress of drilling, design work, etc.  Their working timeline calls for finals plans of the emergency detour route at the end of March with possible construction to begin mid-April.  Provided there are no surprises with drilling results, citizens should assume the consultant's schedule until we can improve on it.  Because of the emergency nature of the work, the Director of Public Works believes that an expedited construction award and execution process could lead to possible detour completion by mid to late April.  This optimum construction time window is consistent with above posted updates. 

A couple of details for those interested in more information:

  • Drilling results are critical for this project. The most optimum schedule will only hold if the geotechnical engineering finds a stable solution. We cannot do anything that would cause the land and the subdivision above it to become unstable. If the County does so, we would be liable for damages to the property and such damage likely would not be covered by our insurance.
  • All engineering (drilling, design) to date is just for the detour. We will not be funded for any engineering we do on the final permanent road solution that is done before the date we receive Federal Highway Administration approval.
  • We should find out if the project is eligible on Monday or Tuesday (not guaranteed). However, determining it is eligible is not approval. The “Emergency Relief” allocation for this federal fiscal year is already spent. We cannot receive any funding, nor authorization, to begin final solution design until after the U.S. Congress allocates more money into the fund. The Director is working on this allocation while he is in Washington D.C. this week. He will be visiting both Senators and all six Representatives on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Interested citizens in Pacific City and Tierra del Mar are urged to make phone calls and write letters to Senator Wyden, Senator Smith and Representative Hooley regarding follow through on getting the additional appropriation for the ER funding. I found the following links online that have contact information
    *: Senators Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith ( Representative Darlene Hooley (5th District)br> (
  • March 15, 1999
    Update regarding detour design status:  The geotechnical and design consultants for the County have completed analysis of drilling results and have a design option proposal for the slide detour route.  FHWA announced that they need to preview and "approve" the design proposal if we want to get future possible funding (reimbursement) for the detour construction after the funding authorization finally does happen by Congress.  The Director of Public Works will meet with FHWA, ODOT and the consultants in Salem tomorrow (Tuesday).  There are no guarantees, but the design option approval by FHWA is anticipated. Development of final design details and preparation of contractor plans and specifications is planned to begin at "full speed" following this meeting.  The detour design options considered are all variations of utilization of the previously vacated roads (curves) at the Sandlake T-intersection.  Recall from previous news releases on the topic that any road placement / construction will likely have some impacts on land above and below the roadway.  Selection of the appropriate detour design will minimize these impacts, provide a stable road platform and provide the most feasible construction alternative.

    March 27, 1999
    Aerial photo of the slide site (taken ~March 1999).

    March 31, 1999
    Update regarding received verification of Federal Highway Administration Emergency Relief project funding:  The County received verification that Congress allocated money into the Federal Highway Administraction Emergency Relief Fund.  Thus our project is now funded.  The point of contact for this information was our FHWA contact for this project in Salem.  Determination of the amount of County local match will be determined after the bid opening.

    April 2, 1999
    Pre-bid Conference on-site with ODOT pre-qualified contractors

    April 7, 1999
    ODOT opened four bids received for the project.  They are currently in the process of verifying the bid figures before announcing the accepted low bidder.  Details to be published as they become available.

    April 13, 1999
    Utility Coordination meeting on-site with representatives from W&H Pacific, ODOT and the County.

    April 14, 1999
    Received confirmation that Wildish Standard was selected by ODOT as the low bidder for the project.

    April 19, 1999
    Update regarding Pre-Construction Conference held in Pacific City:  Pre-Construction Conference held in Pacific City.  Attendees includes representatives from Wildish Standard, ODOT, W&H Pacific, affected utilities and the County Road Department.  One item noted during this meeting was that the public continues to wonder all over the site putting themselves in possible danger (despite posted road closed signs).  This is especially the case on weekends.  When the contractor starts work (planned for 6 days a week), the spectator problem and safety hazards will be even more pronounce.  Please adhere to road closure signs and stay out of the areas of the slide and future roadwork.

    April 21, 1999
    Update regarding delayed "Notice to Proceed" date:  April 19th was the anticipated contractor "Notice to Proceed" date as outlined above.  However, notice to proceed has not been issued because we have not yet received permission from one of the three property owners to work on their property.  According to the regulations associated with the federal funding for this project, the Contractor cannot start work until the County has obtained an "Agreement for Possession of Real Property" from all impacted property owners.  The "Agreement for Possession of Real Property" is an intermediate step in the right of way acquisition process.  Even after the agreements have been received, and the project started, the Oregon Department of Transportation will continue negotiations with the property owners for value of their land.  We anticipate receiving a positive response from one of the property owner’s corporate headquarters in Texas in the near future.  The road construction work will start shortly thereafter.  The likely delay in the opening of the roadway should only be for that time period of delay from April 19 until the contractor starts.

    May 6, 1999
    Update regarding status of delayed "Notice to Proceed":  As of 10am today there has been no change in the status reported above on April 21, 1999.  The third property owner is still considering the required construction access document and has yet to return the signed document to ODOT.  ODOT Right of Way Section is regularly making contacts with the property owner's corporate headquarters for updates.  Feedback from most of the contacts has been that approval for access will be returned soon.  The County and ODOT are standing by.  We are receiving a lot of emails and phone calls from people asking: When is the road opening date?  The original scheduled project dates were:  4/19/99: ODOT issues "Notice to Proceed" (NTP) to contractor; 4/21/99: Anticipated actual start of contractor work; 5/26/99: Latest possible opening date for the detour road.  To figure the anticipated detour road opening date, add the delayed number of days of the issuance of NTP to the 5/26/99 date.  The challenge is we do not yet have the NTP date.  ODOT is prepared to hand carry the third property owner signed access documents thru their required process to get the NTP issued to the contractor as soon as possible (this could be as short as a half day). The County will be one of the first entities to be told of access document receipt and turnaround of the NTP issuance. When reported to us, we will get this information out to the public at first opportunity.  When we get breaking news, the information will be posted to this Web page and an "FYI email" will be sent out to all parties on the Slide Update email list.

    May 12, 1999
    Update regarding receipt of written access authorization at ODOT:  This afternoon ODOT Right of Way Section received written access authorization from the third and final owner impacted by and adjacent to the slide repair project.  ODOT is anticipated to issue the "Notice to Proceed" (NTP) to the contractor, Wildish Standard, tomorrow.  The resulting road opening date is expected to be approximately the number of days delayed from 19 April added on the new NTP date.  The actual road opening date is negotiated between ODOT and the contractor.  When the NTP is actually issued and then a firm completion date for the road opening is established, that information will be published as soon as possible.

    May 13, 1999
    Update regarding ODOT issuing "Notice to Proceed":  Public Works received acknowledgement from ODOT this morning that the "Notice to Proceed" was issued to Wildish Standard yesterday afternoon.  Various actions have already been initiated by the contractor to start equipment mobilization to the slide site (i.e. oversize load permits, etc.).  Various citizens have asked why was there a delay in the start of work. For clarification, the following hopefully explains:  Construction on federal aid projects are not allowed to proceed until a right-of-entry onto the private property has been acquired for ALL properties.  The problem with this project was that one of the right-of-entry documents had to be obtained from the Thousand Trails corporate office in Texas.  It was further delayed because the Thousand Trails corporate office had to receive a release from their lending institution.  A public agency cannot force a property owner to grant us this type of right-of-entry. It must be given voluntarily.  A public agency does have the right to purchase property through a condemnation process.  However, to do so requires an extensive, constitutionally required "Due Process" that would take several months.

    May 14, 1999
    Update regarding weekly status of project work:  The on-site representative/inspector from W&H Pacific held an updated Pre-Construction conference with the contractor and representatives from several utilities and Public Works. Some highlights from the meeting:

  • Work on-site actually started yesterday afternoon. Initial work involves clearing and preparation of the access pad for the horizontal drain installations. This prep work is expected to be done by next Tuesday evening.
  • Drilling of the horizontal drains should start Wednesday morning. Approximately 6 of the 16 horizontal drains must be in-place prior to the construction of the detour road above.
  • A sub-contractor working for Tillamook PUD is also working in another area of the site conducting utility related excavation before road work begins.
  • The contractor will start some clearing work related to pending utilities installation work within the next couple of work days.
  • It is the contractor's intent to work 6 ten hour days per week until project completion (likely excluding Memorial Day weekend due to some personnel constraints).
  • The contractor confirmed their intent to work toward a detour road opening date of approximately the weekend of 19 June. This anticipated date will be confirmed by a negotiated change order between ODOT and the contractor in the near future.
  • The contractor is placing roadblock materials in the roadway leading to the site to keep the public away from the work site. The blocking materials include orange mesh netting to keep people from walking between individual barriers. Even during the installation of the barriers after the meeting I watched a citizen walk straight through the workers putting up the material to look at the site! Please stay out of any posted or barricaded areas for safety reasons.
  • May 21, 1999
    Weekly status of project work.  A construction coordination meeting was held this morning.  Attendees included:  representatives from W&H Pacific (design consultant), Wildish Standard (lead contractor), Landslide Technology (geotechnical consultant), the County and other parties. Significant details from the meeting include:  Given the Memorial Day weekend and ODOT Specifications limitations regarding work days on that weekend, the contractor indicated date for the public road opening is projected for Wednesday, 23 May.  Remember that with the original Notice to Proceed date (that got delayed) the road was to be open prior to this weekend.  With this holiday weekend now in work window, this latest road opening date reflects that inclusion.  Recall the contractor will still be working 6 10 hour days a week (outside of that weekend).

    On-site work is progressing as anticipated:

  • Jansen Drilling (horizontal drain drilling sub-contractor) has completed 2 of the 6 horizontal drains required to be in-place prior to start of the actual road construction. They have some additional pump equipment coming on-site to speed up work. Right now their work is on schedule.
  • Clearing and grubbing is ongoing. There are a couple of active burn piles on-site to rid of removed vegetation.
  • By the start of next week utilities will be working on installing their underground lines on the North 1/2 of the project. They are currently focussing most of their efforts on underground line installation in the area of the old south vacated roadway. Tillamook PUD has told the contractor that they project their underground line installation work should allow their power poles in the area to be removed by the end of next week.
  • Excavation work continues for the future roadway that is not affected by the horizontal drain work below.
  • Starting next week there will be ongoing survey work by the consultant and contractor to reestablish survey points effected by earthwork and to provide additional staking for future excavation.
  • Representatives from Bayside Surveying have been on-site to continue surface elevation monitoring for unanticipated ground movement. No significant problems reported.
  • There are several construction roadways snaking through the project area. From the viewpoint of an outside, uninformed observer, these roadways might look useable for the public. This is an incorrect perception. These roadways are constructed to facilitate the contractor getting equipment through the work site. They are not engineered for public travel and are located in areas that are by no means safe for the public. The contractor is operating on these temporary roadways in accordance with ODOT rules and under their own liability insurance. During days the contractor is not on-site the construction roadways are on purpose NOT open to the public. The future public roadway on the North portion of the site will not follow the contractor's current temporary construction road in this area.

    The contractor has reported a serious problem of the public coming on to the work site despite signs indicating the area/road is closed. The contractor indicated that one of their dump trucks almost backed into an older woman walking behind a moving truck. Only authorized personnel are allowed on-site. The public (unless escorted by authorized personnel) are NOT allowed on-site whether the contractor has crews working or not. At the request of the contractor the Tillamook County Sheriff's Office has been contacted to coordinate appropriate support. As a result of the continuing problem, the contractor is going to work with ODOT to try for a contract change order to pay for flaggers at all 3 site entry points to stop the illegal (and extremely dangerous) trespassing.

    May 28, 1999
    Weekly status of project work.  Work on-site is progressing as planned. Significant notes:

  • Jensen Drilling continues to work installing horizontal drains. Thus far 8 of the original 16 planned drains have been completed. The geotechnical consultant, Landslide Technology, is recommending a project change order to get 8 additional horizontal drains installed to handle ground water buildup in the area. The 8 additional drains have been previously discussed between ODOT and Landslide Technology and should not impact the roadway construction schedule.
  • Roadway excavation continues. Most excavation by Wildish Standard is currently occurring on the North side of Ferry Street. Projected completion of excavation work and beginning of aggregate base work for the roadway is expected during the week of 7-12 June.
  • Wildish plans to start trench drain and culvert installation in the North half of the project area next Tuesday.
  • Work by utilities sub-contractors is finishing up on the South side of Ferry Street. Utility work is expected to start on the North half of the site early next week.
  • Wildish has had to hire flaggers to "guard" the three road entrances into the site to keep the public out of the project area while work is happening. Heavy equipment operations are extremely hazardous especially to untrained and unprepared bystanders. The unanticipated funding for this added expense will be worked out through a future change order with ODOT. The Tillamook County Sheriff's Office did make contact with the contractor this last week regarding this topic.
  • Roadway opening date is still projected for mid to late June (approximately 22-23 June). Work on-site during the Memorial Day weekend will be minimal with 10 hour work days starting up again next Tuesday.
  • At times this last week there were citizens still wandering around in the project area. Even without equipment operating, the site is still hazardous. The public is encouraged to stay out of the project area until the roadway is open to the public. To satisfy the curiosity of those who must see what is happening on-site previous updates on this page include numerous photos of the progress of work. The below photos were taken this morning.


    June 4, 1999
    Weekly status of project work.  A construction coordination meeting was held this morning.  Work on-site is progressing as expected.  Significant details from the meeting include:

  • The contractor is in the process of getting a contract change order with ODOT to add 900 work hours of flagger time for "guarding" the construction area entrances to keep the public from entering. Representatives from Wildish Standard indicate that since they have hired the entrance "guards", the problem of dealing with the public entering on-site has "99% gone away".
  • Jensen Drilling is currently working on the 16th horizontal drain installation. After an approved change order and the shear key work, the remaining 8 horizontal drains are scheduled to be installed to aid in keeping ground water levels consistent with design requirements for the shear key.
  • Landslide Technology (GeoTechnical Consultant) continues to monitor ground water levels in the project area. If the levels drop adequately, shear key work could begin earlier than expected. The current target date for start of shear key work is August 1. The start date of shear work has no effect on the opening date for the road to the public.
  • Trench drain and culvert work by the contractor continues as expected. Roadway excavation in the project area continues with initial work in laying the road aggregate base expected to start next week.
  • Utilities subcontractor continues to work in the project area. Overhead temporary lines will likely come down next week replaced by lines through underground conduits.
  • Road opening to the public is still projected for mid-late June (no change from previous update).
  • Sign and barrier vandalism during non-work hours continues to plague the contractor. Various lights have been stolen from barriers and barriers moved around. It also appears that various County signs on roads to the site are also being tampered with. This activity is a needless expense for the contractor and the County.
  • June 11, 1999
    Weekly status of project work.  A construction coordination meeting was held this morning. Work on-site is progressing as expected (see below for more details).  Significant details from the meeting include:

  • Since flaggers were hired for the entrances to the work site, the contractor, Wildish Standard indicates that they are having very few problems with unwanted people in the work site area. The flaggers still 'intercept' about a dozen unauthorized people daily who ask about entering the site.
  • Work planned for this next week is as follows:
  • The realistic projected time window for the road opening is the middle of the week of 21 June. Subject to possible delays, the contractor indicates that as of this morning they are slightly ahead of schedule. By this next Tuesday evening, they will have a good feel for a solid road opening date for the public. If everything works out right under optimum conditions, they may have the road open as soon as Saturday, June 19. This is NOT a given. When, and if, this works out, appropriate information will be posted to this Web site and provided to the radio and newspaper media at first opportunity. Factors that could effect the opening date include rainfall this next week, unforeseen or changing soil conditions and completion of sub-contractor work in the main roadway. When a confirmed opening date is announced, I anticipate sending out an FYI email to those on the email distribution list.
  • Regardless of the road opening date, there will be minor contractor activity still occurring after the road opening but before the start of Phase 2 shear key construction activity later this summer:
  • Recall that there will likely be a road closure (up to 2 weeks) later in the summer during the final Phase 2 work related to the shear key work. The timing of Phase 2 work is related to ground water level reaching acceptable levels to complete the work. Projected start of the shear key work is early August. This might be earlier if on-site conditions allow.
  • When paving of the gravel road occurs later this summer, the paving activity will likely impact public road access. The paving is not anticipated to close the road other than for short delays.
  • After the meeting, I escorted Kyle Odegard of the Headlight Herald around the work site for photos and newspaper article details.

    June 15, 1999
    Received telephone confirmation from the contractor, Wildish Standard, that Sandlake Road/Ferry Street/McPhillips Drive in the area of the slide will be open for public use at 10am on Saturday, 19 June 1999.  As noted above, there will continue to be minor contractor activity still occurring in the area after the opening.  Be aware that the road will be a gravel surface until paving later this summer. There will be appropriate signing notifying drivers of changed conditions on the roads.

    AS OUTLINED IN PREVIOUS UPDATES:  when the Phase 2 shear key construction activity starts, there will be another road closure potentially for the duration of that work.  The start of the time window for Phase 2 activity is tentatively set for August 1, 1999.  However, if ground water levels drop to appropriate levels, the Phase 2 work (and thus another road closure for the final work) may take effect earlier than scheduled.  At this time, an early start to the Phase 2 work can not be predicted.  When, and if, this work starts before August 1, I anticipate getting out the word through all available media channels in a timely manner.

    June 18, 1999
    Weekly status of project work.  A construction coordination meeting was held this morning.  Final Phase 1 work on-site is progressing as expected.  Road opening scheduled for 10am tomorrow (6/19/99).  Read below about a road reopening ribbon cutting ceremony set for 6/26/99.  Significant details from the meeting include:

  • Surveying on-site done
  • GeoTechnical consultant (Landslide Technology) reports that ground water levels keep dropping. Possible correct ground water levels could occur by mid-July to enable shear key work to start. Actual decisions on timing of start of Phase 2 work will be committed to in the future when ground water levels actually reach required levels.
  • All signs and guardrail are up
  • The contractor, Wildish Standard, has only minor Phase 1 details remaining on-site and will have them 99% taken care of by the road opening.
  • Minor work still occurring on-site after the road opening until the Phase 2 (shear key construction work) starts includes the the following:
  • For clarification, the road reopening occurring tomorrow represents the end of Phase 1 work on-site. Phase 2 work consists of the shear key construction. The shear key is a large rock embankment starting at base rock (at the toe of the original slide) going up to near the edge of the roadway behind the guard rail. A shear key is designed to provide support against ground movement and to maintain stability with continued beach erosion.

    The default start time for the shear key work is 1 August. If ground water levels drop to adequate levels, shear key construction work could start sooner. The exact work window is not known at this time. As soon as a decision is made regarding the start date of the shear key construction, it will be updated to this Web site and appropriate media sources.

    During the shear key construction work, there will be an intense amount of heavy truck and equipment activity to complete the shear key in a timely manner. The contractor has the option to shut down the road for a defined time window, if needed, to facilitate this work. Final decision of whether future temporary closure is needed or if they will just need to hire flaggers to stop public road use during entrance and exit of vehicles from the work site will be determined later.

    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony...

    Mike Lewis and Roger Tracey of the Pacific City Chamber of Commerce are organizing a ribbon cutting ceremony to "formally announce" the road reopening. This ceremony will be on-site and is set for 4:30pm on Saturday, June 26, 1999. Yes, the road will have already been open for a week. Various officials are invited to attend the ceremony. Invitees include (but are not limited to): the Governor, Congressional delegation members, the County Board of Commissioners, representatives from ODOT, the design consultant and the contractor. There will likely be temporary signs on-site before hand to direct people to the ceremony location. For details, Mike Lewis, President of the PC Chamber of Commerce, can be reached at 965-7600.

    June 19, 1999
    With little fanfare, the Sandlake Rd/McPhillips Drive/Ferry Street intersection opens to public travel.  The contractor, Wildish Standard, actually opened the road the evening of Friday, June 18.  Unfortunately this final moved up opening date/time was too short of notice to make changes for news releases and the scheduled updating of signs along Three Capes Scenic Loop.

    June 28, 1999
    This last Saturday afternoon a ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted.  Representatives from the County, the contractor (Wildish Standard), project design consultant (W&H Pacific) and others joined the Pacific City Chamber of Commerce in the public recognition ceremony formally announcing the road reopening.  Information regarding Phase 2 work:  Landslide Technology continues to monitor ground water levels. Recent monitoring results appear positive, but there have been no firm details yet indicating an early start of Phase 2 shear key work (prior to the default start date of 1 August).  Details will be announced as further information becomes available.  Pavement of the new gravel road is planned for after the completion of Phase 2 work.

    July 22, 1999
    Construction Status meeting held. Attendees included representatives from Wildish Standard, W&H Pacific, Landslide Technology and Tillamook County.  Ground water levels in the area of the Sandlake Road slide have dropped to levels that allow Phase 2 construction work to proceed. Recall that Phase 2 work consists of the shear key construction, other on-site work and final roadwork to include paving.  Significant topics from the meeting:

  • Wildish Standard will be mobilizing their construction equipment to restart work on-site starting Monday, 26 July.
  • Wildish will continue to work 6 10-hour days per week.
  • The public roads are not scheduled for closure. There may short traffic delays due to trucks entering and leaving the project area. Trucks bringing rock to fill the excavated shear key area will have to back into the offload area from the main road. Flaggers on-site will be at the entry/exit points to manage the short traffic delays.
  • Only in a worst case scenario will the road be closed. A worst case scenario might include the ground shifting or sliding again. This is unlikely. There will be regular monitoring of surveyed points to carefully track any possible movement in the area of the shear key and roadway.
  • Paving of the gravel roads (McPhillips Drive, Sandlake Road and Ferry Street) is anticipated for mid-September. See next entry regarding clarification on use of the name "Ferry Street". During the road paving operations there will also be possible delays associated with regular paving operations.
  • July 29, 1999
    Construction Status meeting held. Attendees included representatives from Wildish Standard, W&H Pacific, Landslide Technology and Tillamook County.  Phase 2 construction work for the slide repair continues as anticipated.  During this next week preliminary excavation of the toe trench (Shear Key area) will continue.  Actually placement of the stone embankment in the shear key is set to begin next week.  Subject to no unforeseen developments, construction activity should continue as scheduled.

    August 2, 1999
    Due to the excessive traffic on Saturday on Sandlake Road, the contractor, Wildish Standard, has indicated that they are shifting their work hours from 6 10-hour days to 5 12-hour days (Monday-Friday). The impact to the traveling public of this schedule change is two-fold:

  • The contractor will not be working Saturday. This is being compensated by additional work hours during the week, and
  • The short delays to the traveling public on Saturdays due to hauling trucks entering and leaving the work site, will go away.
  • This change in work hours should have no direct impact on project completion time window.

    August 6, 1999
    Construction Status meeting held.  Work is progressing as anticipated.  No noteworthy problems noted.

    August 13, 1999
    Construction Status meeting held.  Overall work is progressing as anticipated.  The consultant (Landslide Technology) and contractor (Wildish Standard) spent some time reviewing new information found on-site regarding location of the slip plane in a portion of the shear key area.  As a result the pace of work slowed down today to work through a solution based on the new information.  Work will resume at regular pace on Monday.

    August 20, 1999
    Construction Status meeting held.  Attended by representatives from the design consultant (W&H Pacific), geotechnical engineering firm (Landslide Technology), contractor (Wildish Standard) and Tillamook County. Significant topics discussed:

  • Work is progressing as anticipated. Currently about a third of the shear key has been excavated and filled with compacted stone embankment. No ground movement in the project area has been reported.
  • Timelines and dates for the below items are subject to optimum conditions including weather (little or no rain) and minimal or no ground movement.

  • Completion of placement of the shear key stone embankment is anticipated by the end of August. At that point, fill cover will start to be placed over the shear key area.
  • Wildish is starting advance coordination for paving of Sandlake / McPhillips Drive in the area of the project. They will not be placing asphalt until after all shear key work is complete. This completely avoids the possibility of ground movement that could cause applied asphalt to be removed due to further slide repairs. Additionally, they have no desire to be running their heavy truck loads over the new asphalt if it can be avoided. Anticipated time frame for paving is by the end of the September. The paving will be done by SC Paving out of Tillamook.
  • The gravel road on Sandlake / McPhillips has been graded by the County road crew to reduce "washboarding".
  • There will be no on-site construction activity on Friday, 4 September. Based on recent past experiences of trying to deal with heavy holiday weekend traffic, the contractor decided to avoid the problem totally rather than paying his haulers to sit around in their loaded trucks in stop and go traffic.
  • August 27, 1999
    Construction Status meeting held.  Attended by representatives from the design consultant (W&H Pacific), geotechnical engineering firm (Landslide Technology), contractor (Wildish Standard) and Tillamook County.  Significant topics discussed:

  • Shear key excavation continues with simultaneous backfill of riprap material. Deposit of select backfill is starting in preparation for the fill cover over the shear key stone embankment (riprap).
  • No ground movement reported
  • The will be no on-site operations from Friday 9/3 through Monday 9/6 due to the long holiday weekend.
  • Paving of Sandlake Road and McPhillips Drive in the project area is on schedule for prior to the end of September. To be done by SC Paving as a sub-contractor.
  • This week Wildish Standard currently has 4 semi-truck/trailers hauling/dumping riprap material along with 13 dump trucks hauling excavation/fill materials. Because focus of the project soon switches to final shear key work, next week the number/type of vehicles will change to 6 semi-truck/trailers and only 5 dump trucks.
  • To give an appreciation of the complicated nature of the work at this phase of the project, this panorama photo with highlights explains some of the activities happening in the project area (223 KB). Because of the volume of truck traffic moving back and forth in the project area, flagger traffic control is becoming more and more important. Wildish is working to keep any traffic delays under twenty minutes as per their contract. Hopefully this photo with its highlights demonstrates the coordination and timing challenges the contractor faces.
  • September 2, 1999
    Construction Status meeting held.  Work is progressing as anticipated with paving scheduled prior to end of September.

    September 9, 1999
    Construction Status meeting held. Attended by representatives from the design consultant (W&H Pacific), geotechnical engineering firm (Landslide Technology), contractor (Wildish Standard), SC Paving and Tillamook County. Significant topics discussed:

  • Work progressing as anticipated
  • Subject to weather or other unforeseen 'elements', below are projected activities:
  • Wildish is planning on working this next Saturday (9/11/99) to make up for the lost day during Labor Day’s four day weekend. Hopefully public traffic is not excessive and does not limit work productivity.
  • Photo panorama taken today showing current activities on-site. You will note the stone embankment is finally filling in the bottom of the shear key area (the geotextile fabric can be seen coming out of the shear key to the left where the rock is being placed). On the right side of the photo, you can see lined up hauling trucks filled with stone embankment waiting to dump their loads. Compare this panorama to the one taken on 8/27/99 to get an appreciation for the amount of material placed during the past two weeks.

    September 17, 1999
    Construction status mtg held.  Attendees included representatives from Wildish Standard (contractor), W&H Pacific (design consultant), Landslide Technology (geotechnical engineer) and Tillamook County. Significant topics discussed:

  • Work on-site is progressing as anticipated
  • Currently backfill continues to be placed over the shear key stone embankment. Starting next week the native topsoil (set aside earlier in the project) will be placed over the backfill.
  • Pending activities next week:

  • Aggregate road base final preparation and then paving. Paving equipment will start arriving on-site as earlier as this afternoon. Paving will be done by SC Paving out of Tillamook.
  • Temporary pavement markers
  • Activities scheduled for week of September 27:

  • Striping
  • Final guardrail work
  • Removal of construction signing and placement of final road signing
  • Seeding
  • Contractor final clean-up/demobilization
  • Contractor work is slated to be complete by the end of the month with a final inspection involving ODOT, the County, W&H Pacific and the contractor.

    September 24, 1999
    Construction status mtg held. Attendees included representatives from Wildish Standard (contractor), W&H Pacific (design consultant), Landslide Technology (geotechnical engineer) and Tillamook County. Significant topics discussed:

  • Work progressing as planned. Currently SC Paving is putting down the second and final lift of asphalt on Sandlake Rd in the area of the slide repair. SC Paving had to shut down paving yesterday morning due to rain, however they are using their backup day today to complete the paving operations.
  • Final shoulder work is scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday)
  • Work scheduled for next week: road striping, final guardrail work, removal of construction signing and placement of final road signing, delineators, seeding, and final clean-up/demobilization.
  • Later next week a final inspection of the project is scheduled with the contractor, consulting engineer, geotechnical consultant, ODOT and the County.
  • September 30, 1999
    Meeting on-site to conduct final inspection for the project.  Attendees included representatives from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Wildish Standard (contractor), W&H Pacific (design consultant), Landslide Technology (geotechnical consultant) and Tillamook County.  There were (and still are) a series of coordination and funding issues between ODOT and the County as occurs with most projects of this nature. As a result of this meeting, the contractor work was signed off as completed and approved.  Significant changes in the area due to the repair project include:  Due to the design requirements and limitations, there is now an all-Stop intersection at Sandlake Road/McPhillips Drive/Ferry Street. Into the immediate future the stop signs at the intersection will be double flagged and posted with night blinking lights to alert local travelers to the change from previous conditions.  There is a parking area to the West of the intersection.  This parking area has a berm along the northern edge to keep vehicles out of potential hazard area and where underground drainage collection systems are located. Parking is essentially for a viewpoint from the area above the slide. Access to the beach is about a 1/4 mile South of this location off McPhillips Drive.

    Tillamook County wishes to acknowledge the teamwork efforts by all participants in this project:

  • FHWA: immediate response and timeliness of needed approvals and funding allowed this project to proceed as quickly as possible.
  • ODOT: ODOT is the primary agency that the federal government deals with when the FHWA authorizes use of Emergency Relief funds for roads. ODOT in turn executes most project detail coordination with FHWA. This is not to say the County does not deal directly with FHWA at all, however ODOT is a key player in this process.
  • W&H Pacific: W&H Pacific was retained by ODOT early on in the process. Working with information collected, W&H was primary coordinator for design development, project implementation and execution of administrative actions to keep this project moving toward completion. This project took some unique turns requiring flexibility in design and alternatives. W&H met this challenge..
  • Landslide Technology: As the geotechnical sub-consultant under W&H Pacific, LS project engineers were among the first people on-site starting to collect goetechnical information and interpret that data. Their collected and analyzed information allowed W&H Pacific to develop the required project plans. LS engineers were critical players in helping W&H Pacific manage the project and keep things moving.
  • Wildish Standard: As the primary contractor, Wildish demonstrated the ability to meet the challenges of the project head on and get the job done. Even with early delays related to access to property (out of the contractor's control), Wildish was completely responsive in keeping a large fleet of construction equipment and trucks (from numerous sub-contractors) on the road and busy. Every time there was a problem or delay, Wildish worked in an outstanding manner with W&H Pacific and Landslide Technology to resolve the challenge and move forward.
  • Abutting private property owners: During the project work, the abutting owners displayed courtesy and willingness to work with project personnel to address relevant issues to enable the project to continue as anticipated. 1000 Trails provided a meeting room weekly during the project execution for project personnel to hold Construction Coordination meetings.
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    Slide Repair Plan

    Slide Repair Plan View Drawing:  The drawing is meant only to provide a general overview of the new road configuration for the general public.  It is not meant for engineering or other purposes.  The original drawing has been modified and added to for clarity.  Image

    This is an aerial photograph showing the slide damage.  Photo

    Plan view explanation of slide details over an aerial photograph.  Image

    County Vicinity Map with link to blowup map showing road access affected by the slide.  Image

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