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Non-Chemical Weed Control, Chemical Weed Control, Tillamook County No-Spray Policy

This is a photograph of well maintained road right-of-way vegetation.

This is a photograph of well maintained road right-of-way vegetation.

Non-Chemical Weed Control

Non-Chemical weed control generally consists of mowing, trimming, and planting of desired ground cover plants. 

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Chemical Weed Control

Tillamook County uses appropriate herbicides to maintain road right-of-way vegetation.  Herbicides are not sprayed in residential areas.  Tillamook County does not use automatic spraying around waterways and wetlands.  Only chemicals approved for use near aquatic resources are applied in these areas. 

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Tillamook County No-Spray Policy

In order to maintain visibility within the road right-of-way for traffic safety as well as roadway and signage integrity, Tillamook County has developed a vegetation spray program.  The county sprays vegetation within the road right-of-way along county maintained roads.  The county does not spray in dense residential areas or in any area where the property owner agrees to maintain the vegetation to the satisfaction of the Public Works Department. 

For all property owners who do not want to have the road right-of-way sprayed along their property, they need to register with the Public Works office.  There is a $35 registration fee which includes a pair of the county required and approved No-Spray Signs.  These standard signs clearly mark the beginning and the end of the No-Spray Area and must be displayed so that the spray crew can easily see them from the roadway.

The county is committed to working with organic producers.  If you havenít already registered with us and would like to do so, please contact our office today.

Tillamook County Board Order #08-057 Fee for No-Spray Signs

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