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Shop Crew

The Fleet Maintenance Shop is located in Tillamook with the Main Office and Central Road Crew.  The Shop is responsible for maintenance and repair of Public Works equipment.  By employing a regular shop crew the department is able to save money and have constant attendance to the upkeep and preservation of its assets. 

 This is a picture of some of the equipment the shop maintains.

Road Crews

Tillamook County is divided into three districts:  North, Central, and South.  In each district has Public Works shop and yard that is maintained and staffed by a foreman and work crew.  The North County Shop is located in Nehalem, the Central County Shop is located in Tillamook along with the Fleet Maintenance Shop and Main Office, and the South County Shop is located in Cloverdale.  Each crew is responsible for the maintenance of the roads and road rights-of-way within its district.  During the summer, all of the crews work together on paving projects throughout the county.  Crewmen operate heavy equipment, work as flaggers, patch and fix the roads, grade road surfaces, replace culverts, clear ditches, clear slides and blocked roads, mow and spray roadside vegetation for visibility, as well as dispose of dead animals. 


This is a picture of the paving of Latimer Road.   This is a picture of hot patching a portion of a sunken road.

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