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Our Purpose

Tillamook County regulates solid waste management, providing a coordinated and fiscally responsible solid waste program to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people, and the natural and scenic resources of Tillamook County.


Tillamook County seeks to minimize the impacts of materials throughout their lifecycle, implementing outreach and education strategies that encourage thoughtful consumption, the reduction of toxics, and the recovery of our material resources.




Solid Waste Ordinance 4




Important Things You'll Want to Know About!




Recycling newsflash!!

Effective Immediately:

Due to changes in the market beyond our control Tillamook County Transfer Stations and Recycle Centers will

 no longer be accepting many plastics.

Please see below, or click here for as list of what IS accepted.

Please note, this list is not all inclusive and may vary from one center to another.  


Recycle your STYROFOAM!! Click here for dates, times and locations!

Household Hazardous Waste Collections:

Next  event: Saturday, May 5, 2018. (Residential only) Hours: 9am to 1pm.(strictly adhered to). Please be sure to dump any garbage or non-hazardous materials prior to arrival. No appointment necessary. Click here for a list of hazardous items that can be accepted at our waste collections.


NO PACKING PEANUTS. (These can be taken to CARTM in Manzanita or Postabox in Tillamook)

2018 CEG (Businesses) Dates: June 1, 2018: APPOINTMENTS REQUIRED. CEG Collection ad (audio clip)      Is my business a CEG information and form  




2017-18 America Recycles Day Calendar entries may be viewed here. The winners were recognized at the January 9th Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) meeting. Congratulations students!! Click here to see the printed versions!

Jan-Mar Calendar

April-June Calendar



Check out these videos!

Master Recycler sponsored "Trash Roadshow"


and  "Let's Talk . . .with Van Moe" Featuring our own David McCall!!



Let us help your next event be



We now have several recycling tools to help - plates, cups, silverware, napkins, recycle bins...all FREE OF CHARGE! Contact us for more details!


Paint: Considering adding some COLOR to your surroundings? Check out our recycled latex paint offerings!

We're excited to offer seven colors! There are four locations to purchase: our office at 503 Marolf Loop, in Tillamook; CARTM in Manzanita;  the Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in Bay City; and, at the Pacific City Transfer Station in Pacific City. Price is $24 for 3 1/2 gallons! Stop by one of these locations to see the great color selection!




Ever feel like you have too many telephone directories (or other unwanted catalogs)?

Did you know that you can limit or stop home delivery of telephone directories at no cost to you? is a free, convenient, and secure way to stop unwanted telephone directories from being delivered. Opt out today!!

OR Try this option from our friends at "The Story of Stuff Project", the Catalog Choice. Click on the link for directions to stop unwanted mail and advertisements and catalogs.



What was our 2013 recovery rate? Click HERE to read the DEQ Material Recovery Report




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Waste Wise

Welcome to the newsletter from the Tillamook County Solid Waste Department.  "Waste Wise" brings you regular news about recycling and waste reduction issues and highlights the great work that members of our community are doing toward that goal.  The links below allow you to view this publication online.


Waste Wise - March 2018 edition

Waste Wise - November 2017 edition   Waste Wise - August 2017 edition  Waste Wise - May 2017 edition Waste Wise - February 2017 edition  

 Waste Wise - Summer 2015 edition

 Waste Wise - Summer 2014 edition

Waste Wise - Spring 2013 edition Waste Wise - Summer 2013 edition

Waste Wise - Fall 2012 edition  



What's New?





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