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    Domestic Partnership Forms may be picked up at the County Clerk's Office  or filled out online.   Only forms printed out on 8.5 X 14 inch paper will be accepted as per ODHS. The form must be legibly completed by both parties in blue or black ink.  

u Requirements:

       Be 18 years of age, the same sex (proof required)
        At least one applicant must be a resident of Oregon
Date of Birth in Box 5 & 14 requires that the birth month be completely spelled out with no abbreviations.
Box 7 & 16  Requires the complete word "female" or "male" no abbreviations allowed.
Both parties must be present when the notarized form is submitted to the County Clerk.  (The County Clerk's Office does not have a notary).

 u A Fee of  $50.00 (Cash or Money Order) is required to register a Domestic Partnership form. 

 u Fees for Copies: 

    Certified Copy of Declaration                                   $7.75 each
    Uncertified copy of declaration                                 $  .25 each
    Certificate                                                              No Charge

u If you do not wish to complete boxes 19 through 24b, please write "refused" in those spaces.

u Office hours are 8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

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