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This web version of the Tillamook County Comprehensive Plan is provided for the convienience of the public. The official version is available at the Tillamook County Courthouse, 201 Laurel Avenue, Tillamook, OR 97141. Tillamook County cannot be held responsible for differences between this web version and the official version of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Tillamook County Comprehensive Plan is organized into sections corresponding to the state land use goals Outside Link. Each section includes Comprehensive Plan text. Some sections also have additional plan documents. The year after each document is when it was last updated.

This is not a complete list. We are continually working to add more information to the web site.

pdf.gif (87 bytes) All Comprehensive Plan files are in PDF format. Some files are very large.

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Goal 1, The Planning Process

Comprehensive Plan Text 1982

More Information:

The Department is helping communities form Community Planning Advisory Committees (CPACs), which will help update this portion of the Comprehensive Plan

Goal 2, The Land Use Plan

Comprehensive Plan Text 1982

Goal 3, Agricultural Lands

Comprehensive Plan Text 1982

Goal 4, Forest Lands

Goal 5, Natural Resources

Goal 6, Air, Water & Land Resources Quality

Goal 7, Hazards

Comprehensive Plan Text 2020

Goal 8, Recreation

Goal 9, Population & Economy

More Information:

Population & Demographics

Goal 10, Housing

More Information:

Housing Information

Goal 11, Public Facilities

Comprehensive Plan Text 2004

Goal 12, Transportation

Comprehensive Plan Text 2004

More Information:

Transportation Planning

Goal 13, Energy Conservation

Goal 14, Urbanization

Comprehensive Plan Text 1982

Unincorporated Community Plans:

More Information:

Unincorporated Community Planning

Goal 16, Estuarine Resources

Goal 17, Coastal Shorelands

Goal 18, Beaches & Dunes

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