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Relocation Information
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Water Districts:      phone number     (area)

Baseline Water District     503-842-4255     (Brickyard Rd)
Bay City Water Department     503-377-2288     (Bay City area)
Beaver Water District     503-398-5300     (Beaver area)
Cloverdale Water District     503-392-3323
Cole Creek Water District     503-842-3540     (Curl Road area)
Fairview Water District #11     503-842-4333     (East of Marolf Loop [Wilson River Loop to Trask River Road])
Falcon Cove Water District     503-436-2759
Fitzpatrick Water District     503-842-7726     (South off Gienger Rd)
Garibaldi Water Department     503-322-3327     (Miami River Rd MP 0 TO MP 1)
Hebo Water District     503-392-6100
Horizon View Hills Water     503-392-3050     (North of Winema)
Hunt Water District     503-842-4877     (McCormick Loop)
Hwy 101 South Water District     503-842-2835  (E. off Hwy 101 @ Trask River on North end of bridge)
Juno Hill Water Co     503-842-2019     (Juno Hill area)
Kilchis Water District #12     503-842-2987     (Idaville area)
Latimer Road Water District     503-842-1252
Long Prairie Water District     503-842-2158     (Long Prairie Rd, Chance Rd, Brickyard Rd)
Manzanita (City of)     503-368-5347
Mohler Water Association     503-368-5662
Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain Water District     503-368-7309
Nehalem Water Department     503-368-5155     (Bayside Gardens, Nehalem area, N Fk Nehalem Rd)
Neskowin Water Department     503-392-3966
Netarts Water District     503-842-9405
Northwood Water District     503-842-8314     (Off Sollie Smith Rd)
Oceanside Water Department     503-842-6462
Pacific City Joint Water-Sanitary Authority     503-965-6636
Pleasant Valley Water Company     503-842-1103     (Clements Corner Rd-S. Prairie Rd-Pleasant Valley area)
Port of Tillamook Bay     503-842-2413
Rockaway Water Department     503-355-2982      (Spring lake to Nedonna)
Roger Line Water Users     503-842-7374     (Matejeck Rd)
South Prairie Water     503-842-6872     (South Prairie area, Tillamook River Rd, Sutton Ck Rd, Weber Rd, Bewley Ck Rd)
Tideland Water Association     503-368-5889     (Tideland Road [Nehalem -> Mohler])
Tierra Del Mar Water     503-285-7165
Tillamook City Water Department     503-842-2343
TCCA Watermain     503-842-4481     (Alderbrook Loop & Juno Hill [Hwy 101 N])
Tillamook River Water District     503-842-7858
Tone Water District     503-842-2087
Watseco-Barview Water District #55     503-355-3311     (Spring Lake South to Terwilliger)
West Hills Water Company     503-842-5115     (Deer Ridge area)
Wheeler Water Department     503-368-5767
Wilson River Water District     503-842-7929
Winema Water     503-392-3362     (South of Horizon View Hills)

Sewer Districts:     phone number    (area)

Cloverdale Sanitary District     503-392-3279
Nehalem Bay Wastewater Agency     503-368-5125     (Neah-Kah-Nie Mtn, Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler)
Neskowin Regional Sanitary Authority     503-392-3404     (Proposal Rock to Corvallis Ave in Neskowin; Hawk Creek Hills)
Netarts-Oceanside Sanitary District     503-842-8231
Pacific City Joint Water-Sanitary Authority     503-965-6636     (Haystack Hts to PC Hts; Woods to Nestucca Keys)
Port of Tillamook Bay     503-842-2413
Twin Rocks Sanitary District     503-355-2732     (Twin Rocks @ Washington St South to Terwilliger)

Telephone:     phone number     (area)

CenturyLink  1-800-366-8201  (main provider)
Nehalem Telephone & Telegraph     503-368-5116     (Foley Subdivision North, Brighton Beach North)
Qwest      866-642-0444     (Falcon Cove)

Electricity:     phone number    (area)

Pacific Power & Light     503-738-2780     (Falcon Cove)
Tillamook PUD     503-842-2535

Cable TV:     phone number     (area)

Blaine Road Cable TV     503-842-6316     (MP 0 to MP 5)
Charter Communications     503-965-5181     (South County)
Charter Communications      1-866-731-5420     (North and Central County)

Oregon Utility Notification Center (OUNC)

Any party digging deeper than 1 foot in a pubic right of way has the responsibility of identifying exact line locations in accordance with the Oregon Utility Notification Center (OUNC).  Oregon Laws 1995 Chapter 691 requires the party to follow rules adopted by the OUNC.  Those rules are set forth in the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) Chapter 952, Division 1, Sections 0010 thru 0090.  Copies of the rules may be obtained by calling the OUNC.  Telephone number 503-232-1987


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