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The Assessment and Taxation Department is staffed with an Assessor/Tax Collector, Chief Deputy Assessor/Tax Collector, Chief Appraiser, seven Appraisers, a Sales Data Analyst, a Cartographer, two Accounting Technicians, and three Office Specialists/Assessment Technicians.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

Telephone us at 503-842-3400  or 1-800-488-8280 ext. 4002

Fax us at 503-842-3448

Mail inquiries to:
Tillamook County Assessment &Taxation
201 Laurel Avenue
Tillamook, OR  97141

Our office is open Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00pm

Email our office staff:

Denise Vandecoevering
Assessor and Tax Collector
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3312
KaSandra Larson
Chief Deputy Assessor / Tax Collector
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3456
Lorrie McKibbin
Chief Appraiser
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3457
Justin Barnes
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3451
Matthew Chennault
Assessment Technician
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3453
Kari Fleisher
Appraiser (Commercial and Industrial)
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3450
Eva Fletcher
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3138
Saundra Gollon
Assessment Technician
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3384
Lizzy Jeffries
Appraiser (Farm and Forest)
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3121
Lizzy Jeffries
Sales Data Analyst
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3121
Jenny Kettner
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3452
Daniel Reid
Accounting Technician
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3442
Katrina Schenk
Accounting Technician

Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3383

Wendy Schink
GIS Cartographer
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3363
Hannah Thompson
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3364
Randy Wilson
Phone:  503-842-3400  x 3459

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