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1991 Resolution Log
R-91-001 Home Rule 01/16/91
R-91-002 Supporting the United States Armed Forces in the Persian Gulf 01/30/91
R-91-003 Proclaiming the week of April 7 - 13, 1991 as "National County Government Week" 02/20/91
R-91-004 Opposing House Bill 2425 02/27/91
R-91-005 Adopting a Fair Housing Resolution  
R-91-006 Code of Conduct in the award and administration of contracts supported by Federal funds 02/27/91
R-91-007 Supporting House Bill 2501 to develop a recreation plan for the Tillamook State forest 02/27/91
R-91-008 Supporting the retention of uses for the State Highway Trust Fund as currently provided for in the Oregon Constitution 03/13/91
R-91-009 Supporting a fish restoration and enhancement project for the Miami River 03/27/91
R-91-010 Not assigned  
R-91-011 Authorizing the superintendent of Tillamook County Parks to submit a grant request to the Oregon State Marine Board and affix his signature to all documents pertinent to the Pacific City ramp rehabilitation project (Charles Anderson) 04/17/91
R-91-012 Recognizing May 1 as "Family Day" and the month of May as "Preservation of the Family Month" 04/24/91
R-91-013 Resolving to support House Bill 3559 increasing motor vehicle fuel tax and use fuel tax two cents per gallon in each of the nest four years 05/01/91
R-91-014 Approval of the Oregon Business Development Fund project proposal by Hallco Manufacturing 05/06/91
R-91-015 Proclaiming July 4th as a time for recognizing and expressing appreciation to men and women of the United States who served in the Person Gulf, Vietnam, Korea and World Wars I & II 06/12/91
R-91-016 Amending the Tillamook County Retirement Plan 06/26/91
R-91-017 Approving and implementing the Tillamook County Children and Youth Services Commission's Comprehensive Plan for the 1991 - 1993 biennium 07/24/91
R-91-018 Adopting a flexible benefits plan for the benefit of County employees 07/29/91
R-91-019 Approval of Oregon Business Development Fund project proposal by Regal Mountain Goat Dairy 07/29/91
R-91-020 Opposing the redistricting plan proposed by the Oregon Secretary of State 07/31/91
R-91-021 Approval of the Oregon Business Development Fund project proposal by Grateful Bread Bakery, Inc. 08/14/91
R-91-022 Affirming Tillamook County's region and strategy under the Oregon Regional Strategies Program 08/21/91
R-91-023 Proclaiming "Constitution Week and Citizenship Day" in Tillamook County (September 17; September 17 - 23) 09/04/91
R-91-024 Opposing the use of driftnets and factory processing ships in State, Federal and International waters 09/18/91
R-91-025 Approval of the Oregon Business Development Fund project proposal by Kinsman, Inc. 11/20/91
R-91-026 Directing legal counsel to initiate condemnation proceedings to acquire additional right-of-way for Blaine Road 11/27/91
R-91-027 Selecting a proposed site for a new County correctional facility 12/04/91


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