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1994 Resolution Log
R-94-001 Issuance of industrial development revenue bonds by the State of Oregon to Pacific Oyster Company 01/05/94
R-94-002 Declaring the weeks of March 27 - April 10, 1994 as Anne Frank Remembrance Weeks in Tillamook County 02/16/94
R-94-003 Not assigned  
R-94-004 Complying with ORS requirement of compliance 02/23/94
R-94-005 Supporting the endorsement of MTC Training and Placement Corporation as the district administrative agency for the Job Training and Placement Act (JTPA) 03/21/94
R-94-006 Proclaiming May 5, 1994 as a "Day of Prayer" in Tillamook County 04/20/94
R-94-007 Exchange of land between Tillamook County and the Port of Tillamook Bay 04/27/94
R-94-008 Approving a proposal for serving Level 7 Youth in Tillamook County 04/27/94
R-94-009 1994 season and the ocean salmon fishing industry and affected communities 05/23/94
R-94-010 Adopting a regional strategy and recommending the strategy be submitted to the Oregon Economic Development Commission and the Governor of the State of Oregon for consideration under the regional strategies program 05/24/94
R-94-011 Dissolving the Pioneer Museum as a County department 06/08/94
R-94-012 Supporting the Tillamook County bond proposition for construction of a correctional facility to be voted on September 1994 ballot 06/08/94
R-94-013 Reinstating Resolution #93-23/Order #93-145 01/19/94
R-94-014 Approving the Tillamook County Commission on Children and Families Comprehensive Plan 07/27/94
R-94-015 Opposing the initiative to restrict mining laws 08/17/94
R-94-016 Urging that prayer be returned to the public schools 08/31/94
R-94-017 Supporting H.R. 140 opposing unfunded Federal mandates 08/31/94
R-94-018 Supporting Tillamook Family Counseling Center's membership with Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. 09/14/94
R-94-019 Proclaiming December 1 as "World AIDS Day" 11/23/94
R-94-020 Authorizing the execution and delivery of agreements to finance acquisition of real property 11/23/94


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