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1995 Resolution Log
R-95-001 Intent to Enter Into a Lease-Purchase, Mortgage Revenue Bond or Similar Financing Arrangement 02/22/95
R-95-002 Comply with ORS requirements for participation in assessment and taxation grant 02/27/95
R-95-003 Oregon transportation financing 02/27/95
R-95-004 Authorizing bonds for a resource center in a amount of not more than $5,000,000 03/13/95
R-95-005 Proclaiming the week of April 3 - 9, 1995 as "Public Health Week" in Tillamook County 03/22/95
R-95-006 Approving the implementation of the Tillamook County Juvenile Diversion Plan for the 1995 - 1997 biennium 03/29/95
R-95-007 Support of the passage of House Bill 3370 and House Joint Resolution 2 03/29/95
R-95-008 Proclaiming May 4, 1995 as a "Day of Prayer" in Tillamook County 04/05/95
R-95-009 Proclaiming the week of April 23 - 29, 1995 as Tillamook County's commemoration of "National Crime Victims' Rights Week" 04/19/95
R-95-010 Adopting the updated Strategic Plan and recommending the Strategic Plan be submitted to the Oregon Economic Development Commission and the Governor of the State of Oregon for consideration under the regional Strategies Program 05/24/95
R-95-011 Adopting a fair housing resolution 06/28/95
R-95-012 Exchange of land between Tillamook County and Warren Niete, the dedication of the acquired parcel as a park and the conveyance of the park to Bay City 07/12/95
R-95-013 Declaring interest in the siting of a juvenile corrections facility in Tillamook County 07/19/95
R-95-014 Proclaiming 1995 as the Woman Suffrage Diamond Jubilee Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote and the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution 08/16/95
R-95-015 Affirming Tillamook County's support to the Oregon Consortium and the nine regional administrative agencies 10/23/95
R-95-016 Celebrating the opening of the Winkelman Library building in Pacific City, Oregon 11/22/95
R-95-017 Adopting a rural action plan and recommending the rural action plan be submitted to the Oregon Economic Development Commission for consideration under the rural investment fund program 12/20/95
R-95-018 Urging the US Congress to support financial aid and educational loans for students of higher education 12/27/95


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