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1997 Resolution Log
R-97-001 Proclaiming 1997 to be a year of tolerance for all of Tillamook County 01/15/97
R-97-002 Certifying the Tillamook County Ambulance Service Area Plan 02/11/97
R-97-003 Declaring the intent of the Board of Commissioners to work diligently toward creation of the Mid Valley Behavioral Care Network to provide mental health services under contract with the State of Oregon 02/11/97
R-97-004 Proclaiming the week of March 16 - 22, 1997 as "Oregon Child and Adult Care Food Program Week" in Tillamook County 03/12/97
R-97-005 Determining the results of the March 11, 1997 special election regarding the election of the Board of Directors for the Hebo Joint Water and Sanitary Authority (Helen L. Lamers, Barbara I. Brooks, Donna Eichelberg, Ralph Meyers and Don Bingenheimer) 03/19/97
R-97-006 Resolution sponsoring an application for enterprise zone designation 03/26/97
R-97-007 Proclaiming May 1, 1997 as a "Day of Prayer" in Tillamook County 04/16/97
R-97-008 State fiscal responsibility for State mandated programs and a five-point plan 04/23/97
R-97-009 To comply with ORS requirements for participation in assessment and taxation grant 04/30/97
R-97-010 Implementation of the Tillamook County Juvenile Diversion Plan for the 1997 - 1998 fiscal year 05/14/97
R-97-011 Adopting the updated Strategic Plan and recommending the Strategic Plan be submitted to the Oregon Economic Development Commission & the Governor of the State of Oregon for consideration under the Regional Strategies Program 05/28/97
R-97-012 Proclaiming June 1st to be the day that Tillamook County will "Stand for Healthy Children" 05/28/97
R-97-013 Adopting the Highway 99W/18 Corridor Strategy Development Plan 06/11/97
R-97-014 Authorizing negotiation of lease-purchase agreement, related documents and issuance of certificates of participation 06/25/97
R-97-015 Supporting funding for Federal forest roads 07/02/97
R-97-016 Adopting a cafeteria plan & flexible benefit plan for Tillamook County employees 07/16/97
R-97-017 Support for Federal forest highway fund project on the Three Rivers Highway 07/23/97
R-97-018 Proclaiming the month of August as "Captain Robert Gray Month" in Tillamook County 07/23/97
R-97-019 Supporting National Scenic Byway status for Highway 101 within the jurisdiction of Tillamook County 09/17/97
R-97-020 Exchange of County land in Section 4, Township 2 North, Range 6 West, W.M. for the armory parcel owned by the Oregon Military Department in Section 25, Township 1 South, Range 10 West, W.M. 11/12/97
R-97-021 Determining the results of the November 4, 1997 special election regarding the election of the Board of Directors for the Tillamook County Transportation District (Mark Collins, Jill Carter, Sharon Smith, Bob Kenny, Carol May, Ida Lane and Mike Breed) 11/24/97
R-97-022 Approving the Tillamook County Juvenile Justice Plan for 1997 - 1999 Biennium 12/17/97


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