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1998 Resolution Log
R-98-001 Declaring that the Columbia-Pacific Economic Development District of Oregon, Inc., represents the Tillamook County Development  Area 01/14/98
R-98-002 Affirming Tillamook County's continued membership in the Oregon Consortium Service Delivery System for the administration of Job Training Partnership Act, Welfare-to-Work & related workforce programs 01/28/98
R-98-003 Proclaiming February 9, 1998 as "Food Check-Out Day" 02/02/98
R-98-004 Adoption of the Retirement Plan Trust Agreement for certain employees of Tillamook County 02/23/98
R-98-005 Support HR 2515 - Forest Recovery & Protection Act 02/23/98
R-98-006 Support request to designate Tillamook County as part of an economic development district 03/18/98
R-98-007 Endorsing the campaign to pass Ballot Measure 53 04/01/98
R-98-008 Endorsing the Federal Fish & Wildlife Diversity Funding Initiative known as "Teaming with Wildlife" 04/15/98
R-98-009 Proclaiming may as "Teen Pregnancy Prevention Awareness Month" 04/27/98
R-98-010 Comply with ORS requirements for participation in assessment and taxation grant 04/29/98
R-98-011 Proclaiming May 15 - 16, 1998 as "Tillamook County Farm-Fest Days" 05/13/98
R-98-012 Designating the week of May 17 - 23, 1998 as "Emergency Medical Services Week" 05/20/98
R-98-013 Resolving to adopt a flexible benefits plan 07/01/98
R-98-014 Relating disaster relief for the commercial fishing industry and affected communities in Tillamook County 07/01/98
R-98-015 Implementing the Tillamook County performance partnership for ecosystem restoration 07/08/98
R-98-016 Amending the Retirement Plan for certain employees of Tillamook County 07/29/98
R-98-017 Assuring completion of landscaping prior to final occupancy of the remodeled Tillamook County General Hospital 09/28/98
R-98-018 Opposing Ballot Measure 64 10/07/98
R-98-019 Declaring December 7, 1998 as "Tillamook County Mental Health Day" 11/25/98
R-98-020 Supporting collaborative efforts to create support for equitable and stable revenues for Federal Forest Counties 11/30/98
R-98-021 Extending participation in the Association of Oregon & California Counties endowment fund 12/21/98
R-98-022 Exchange of County land in Section 24, Township 1 South, Range 10 West, W.M., for the parcel owned by the Estate of Audrey E. Bauer in Section 11, Township 4 South, Range 10 West, W.M. 12/23/98
R-98-023 Amending and restating the Tillamook County Deferred Compensation Plans 12/30/98


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