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2001 Resolution Log
R-01-001 Supporting the construction of the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum & Cultural Center 01/10/01
R-01-002 Supporting the Trask Fish Hatchery and opposing its possible closure by the State of Oregon 01/17/01
R-01-003 Never passed  
R-01-004 Declaring Wednesday, March 7, 2001 as "Stacey Beyer/Prudential Spirit of Community Recognition Day" in Tillamook County 03/07/01
R-01-005 Proclaiming the week of April 2 - 8,2001 as "Public Health Week" in Tillamook County 03/28/01
R-01-006 Supporting the Tillamook Forest Interpretive Center and the Smith Homestead Day Use Area 04/02/01
R-01-007 Determining the results of the March 13, 2001 special election, Measure #29-64, Ordinance regulating smoking and youth access to tobacco products 04/04/01
R-01-008 Supporting the proposed District Attorney funding 04/04/01
R-01-009 Proclaiming the week of April 22, 1001 as "Farm-Fest Days" in Tillamook County 04/11/01
R-01-010 Proclaiming the week of April 30 - May 4, 2001 as "Back to School Week" in Tillamook County 04/25/01
R-01-011 Complying with ORS requirements for participation in assessment and taxation grant 04/25/01
R-01-012 Proclaiming the week of April 22 - 28, 2001 as "National Crime Victims' Rights Week" in Tillamook County 04/25/01
R-01-013 Proclaiming the week of May 6 - 12, 2001 as "Teacher Appreciation Week" in Tillamook County 05/02/01
R-01-014 Proclaiming May 3, 2001 as a "Day of Prayer" in Tillamook County 05/02/01
R-01-015 Election to receive O&C Land related safety-net payments under P.L. 106-393 05/02/01
R-01-016 Proclaiming the week of May 20 - 26, 2001 as "Emergency Medical Services Week" 05/16/01
R-01-017 Supporting Klamath County regarding their community crisis 05/16/01
R-01-018 Election to receive national forest related safety-net payments under P.L. 106-393 05/16/01
R-01-019 Proclaiming the week of August 19 - 25, 2001 as "National Health Center Week" in Tillamook County 08/15/01
R-01-020 Condemning the cowardly & deadly actions of the terrorists and supporting the President of the United States 09/19/01
R-01-021 Authorizing the Oregon Department of Transportation to pursue condemnation proceedings to acquire additional right-of-way for Sandlake Road 09/19/01
R-01-022 Approving the Juvenile Crime Prevention Plan Budget Revision for the Tillamook County Commission on Children & Families 10/17/01
R-01-023 Declaring November 14, 2001 as "Geographic Information System Day 2001" in Tillamook County 10/31/01
R-01-024 Recognizing Tillamook Chamber of Commerce's Executive Director, Mary Ann Stark, as the 2001 Oregon Chamber of Commerce Executive of the Year 11/07/01
R-01-025 Declaring December 7, 2001 as "Tillamook County Mental Health Day" 11/21/01
R-01-026 Determining the results of the November 6, 2001 special election, Measure #29-66, Tillamook County One-Year Property Tax Levy for Emergency Fire Radio System 11/21/01
R-01-027 Authorizing placement of a bench at Twin Rocks Turn-a-Round in Honor of Dorothy Diel 11/21/01
R-01-028 Expressing support for the candidacy of Commissioner Bill Hansell for the office of 2nd Vice-President of NACo 11/28/01
R-01-029 Recognizing Jim Mundell as the first recipient of the Environmental Stewardship Award for Tillamook County 12/05/01
R-01-030 Adopting restated plan document for the National Association of Counties Deferred Compensation Program - The Deferred Compensation Plan for Public Employees - effective January 1, 2002 12/05/01
R-01-031 Increasing the level of participation in the second endowment fund for the Association of O&C Counties 12/05/01
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