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2009 Resolution Log
R-09-001 Proclaiming the month of January 2009 as "School Boar Recognition Month" in Tillamook County 01/14/09
R-09-002 Proclaiming Tillamook County's commitment to partner with the US Census Bureau to help ensure a full and accurate count in 2010 02/11/09
R-09-003 Participation in funding activities of the Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution 03/18/09
R-09-004 Proclaiming the month of April 2009 as "Sexual Assault Awareness  Month" in Tillamook County 03/25/09
R-09-005 Proclaiming April 28, 2009 as "Denim Day" in Tillamook County 03/25/09
R-09-006 Proclaiming May 4 - 8, 2009 as "Teacher Appreciation Week" in Tillamook County, Oregon 04/22/09
R-09-007 Comply with ORS requirements for participation in the County Assessment Function Funding Assistance Grant (CAFFA) 04/22/09
R-09-008 Proclaiming "National Police Week" allowing for the remembrance of law enforcement officers who have died 04/22/09
R-09-009 Proclaiming the month of May 2009 as "Older Americans Month" in Tillamook County 05/13/09
R-09-010 Federal fiscal year 2009 elections for National Forest related safety-net payments 05/27/09
R-09-011 Federal fiscal year 2009 elections to receive O&C Land related safety-net payments 05/27/09
R-09-012 Proclaiming the week of June 22 - 28, 2009 as "Amateur Radio Week" in Tillamook County 06/10/09
R-09-013 Authorizing the request of a Coastal Zone Management grant from the Department of Land Conservation and Development for the period July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010 06/24/09
R-09-014 Proclaiming August 9 - 15, 2009 as "National Community Health Center Week" in Tillamook County 08/03/09
R-09-015 Recognizing the 4-H Japanese Exchange Program and the visiting students and host families 08/12/09
R-09-016 Proclaiming the month of September as "Pain Awareness Month" in Tillamook County 09/09/09
R-09-017 Proclaiming the month of October as "United Way Month" in Tillamook County 09/23/09
R-09-018 Proclaiming October 23, 2009 as "Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day" and the month of October, 2009 as "Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month" in Tillamook County 09/23/09
R-09-019 Proclaiming the month of October, 2009 as "Domestic Violence Awareness Month" in Tillamook County 09/30/09
R-09-020 Authorizing participation in the Special Advocacy Fund 09/30/09
R-09-021 Re-establishing the Tillamook County Community Health Council 10/07/09
R-09-022 Proclaiming October 28 - 29, 2009 as "The 2009 Annual Farm-Fest" in Tillamook County 10/14/09
R-09-023 Proclaiming November 1 - 7, 2009 as "Soil and Water Conservation District Week" in Tillamook County 11/04/09
R-09-024 Changing the boundary of the String of Pears Enterprise Zone 12/02/09
R-09-025 Waiving certain permit fees for the Noble Wayside County Park 12/02/09
R-09-026 Proclaiming the month of December as "Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Month" in Tillamook County 12/09/09
R-09-027 In memory of Walter D. Gile 12/23/09
R-09-028 Recognizing the emergency response efforts of William H. Knoke 12/23/09



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