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2010 Resolution Log
R-10-001 Proclaiming the month of January 2010 as "School Board Recognition Month" in Tillamook County 01/13/10
R-10-002 Amending the retirement plan for certain employees of Tillamook County 01/13/10
R-10-003 Authorizing Tillamook LightWave (TLW) to secure a loan through TLC Federal Credit Union for the purchase of the cable land station in Pacific City 02/0210
R-10-004 Establishing a policy for certain uses of Tillamook County lands under ORS 105.682 02/24/10
R-10-005 Authorizing amendment and restatement of the retirement plan via adoption of the VALIC Retirement Services Company Governmental Volume Submitter Plan 02/17/10
R-10-006 Proclaiming the month of April 2010 as "Sexual Assault Awareness Month" in Tillamook County 03/31/10
R-10-007 Proclaiming April 21, 2010 as "Denim Day" in Tillamook County 03/31/10
R-10-008 Proclaiming the month of April as "Alcohol Awareness Month" in Tillamook County 04/07/10
R-10-009 Proclaiming the week of May 3 - 9, 2010 as "Port of Garibaldi Centennial Week" in Tillamook County 04/28/10
R-10-010 Proclaiming May 2 - 8, 2010 as "Teacher Appreciation Week" in Tillamook County 04/28/10
R-10-011 Proclaiming "National Police Week" allowing for the remembrance of law enforcement officers who have died 04/28/10
R-10-012 Complying with ORS requirements for participation in the County Assessment Function Funding Assistance Grant (CAFFA) 04/28/10
R-10-013 Proclaiming Thursday, May 6, 2010 as "A Day of Prayer" in Tillamook County 05/05/10
R-10-014 Proclaiming the month of May 2010 as "Older Americans Month" in Tillamook County 05/05/10
R-10-015 Supporting state interoperable communications for emergency responders in Oregon 05/19/10
R-10-016 FFY 2010 elections for national forest related safety-net payments 05/19/10
R-10-017 FFY 2010 elections to receive O&C land related safety-net payments 05/19/10
R-10-018 Proclaiming the week of June 21 - 27, 2010 as "Amateur Radio Week" in Tillamook County 06/23/10
R-10-019 Authorizing the request of a coastal zone management grant from the Department of Land Conservation and Development for the period July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 06/30/10
R-10-020 Recognizing Tillamook County Fair Manager Jerry Underwood 08/04/10
R-10-021 Recognizing retiring Tillamook County Fair Board member Mel Tupper 08/04/10
R-10-022 Requiring prequalification of bidders for the health department clinic renovation project 08/18/10
R-10-023 Proclaiming the month of September as "National Preparedness Month" in Tillamook County 09/01/10
R-10-024 Proclaiming September 11, 2010 as "Mount Hebo Radar Station Day" in Tillamook County 09/08/10
R-10-025 Proclaiming September 19 - 25, 2010 as "Child Passenger Safety Week" and September 25, 2010 as "National Seat Check Saturday" in Tillamook County 09/08/10
R-10-026 Complying with Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Transportation Enhancement Grant Program 09/15/10
R-10-027 Proclaiming the month of October as "United Way Month" in Tillamook County 09/22/10
R-10-028 Requesting postponement of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission's approval of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's 2010 draft version of the "Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Assessment and Strategy for Oregon" 09/22/10
R-10-029 Complying with Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Transportation Enhancement Grant Program 09/29/10
R-10-030 Proclaiming October 29, 2010 as "Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day" and the month of October, 2010 as "Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month" in Tillamook County 10/06/10
R-10-031 Proclaiming the week of October 23 - 31, 2010 as "Red Ribbon Week" in Tillamook County 10/06/10
R-10-032 Designating Kilchis Point as a historical and cultural site in Tillamook County 10/06/10
R-10-033 Proclaiming the month of October, 2010 as "Domestic Violence Awareness Month" in Tillamook County 10/06/10
R-10-034 Complying with Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Flexible Funds Program 11/03/10
R-10-035 Proclaiming November 2010 as "Mediation Month" in Tillamook County 11/03/10
R-10-036 Adopting a line extension agreement for the CDBG-R HJWSA Water Systems Upgrade Project #CR0903 11/10/10
R-10-037 Proclaiming the month of December as "Impaired Driving Prevention Month" in Tillamook County 12/22/10



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