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2016 Resolution Log



16-001 Reappointing Darlene Newton to the Northwest Oregon Housing Authority Board of Directors 1/27/16
16-002 Authorizing Amendment and Restatement of the Retirement Plan Via Adoption of the VALIC Retirement Services 2/17/16
16-003 Authorizing Tillamook County to Apply for Local Grants for the Acquisition of Lake Meares Property on the Bay Ocean Peninsula 2/17/16
16-004 Proclaiming April, 2106 as "Child Abuse Prevention Month" in Tillamook County 3/30/16
16-005 Proclaiming April, 2106 as "Sexual Assault Awareness Month" in Tillamook County 4/6/16
16-006 Proclaiming the Week of April 10-16, 2016 as "National Library Week" in Tillamook County, Oregon 4/13/16
16-007 Proclaiming May 15, 2016 as "Law Enforcement Day" in Tillamook County, Oregon 4/20/16
16-008 Authorizing the Office of Emergency Management to Apply for a Hazard Mitigation Grant 5/16/16
16-009 Proclaiming May 5, 2016 as "A Day of Prayer" in Tillamook County, Oregon 5/4/16
16-010 Authorizing the Sale of Certain County Owned Property to the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community 6/15/16
16-011 Proclaiming June 20-26, 2016 as "Amateur Radio Week" in Tillamook County, Oregon 6/24/16
16-012 Conveying Certain Land to the Confederated Tribes of The Grand Ronde Community of Oregon 6/29/16
16-013 Resolution Approving Referral to the Electors of Tillamook County the Question of Imposing a Three Percent (3%) Tax on the Sale of Marijuana Items by a Marijuana Retailer Within the Unincorporated Areas of Tillamook County 7/13/16
16-014 Proclaiming  September, 2016 as "National Preparedness Month" in Tillamook County, Oregon 8/31/16
16-015 Proclaiming October, 2016 as "Domestic Violence Awareness Month" in Tillamook County, Oregon 9/21/16
16-016 Authorizing the Tillamook County Parks Department to Apply for a County Opportunity Grant from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for Development of a Community Shelter at Barview Jetty Campground and Delegating Authority to Del Schleichert to Sign Application 9/28/16
16-017 Proclaiming October, 2016 as "United Way Month" in Tillamook County, Oregon 10/5/16
16-018 Proclaiming November 15, 2016 as "America Recycles Day" and the Week of November 13-19, 2016 as "Recycling Awareness Week" in Tillamook County (SWSD#16-001) 10/26/16
16-019 Requesting FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Funds to Reduce Flooding at Kilchis House Assisted Living, Marlof Loop, Tillamook 11/2/16
16-020 Authorizing the Execution of Documents Concerning the Sale of Certain County Owned Property to the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community 11/23/16
16-021 Proclaiming January 7, 2017 as "Styrofoam and E-Waste Collection" Day in Tillamook County (SWSD #16-002) 12/14/16
16-022 Burton Hill Properties Being Submitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a Hazard Mitigation Property Buyout Project 12/14/16

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