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General Flooding Information

Flood losses in Tillamook County exceeded 60 million dollars over 1996-2000. This includes damages to homes, businesses and infrastructure. The Tillamook Board of County Commissioner's adopted a Floodplain Management Plan shortly after the February 1996 flood and hired full-time Emergency Management Director and assistant to be pro-active on flood issues.

Useful FEMA Documents

FEMA Letter of Map Determination 2015
Elevation Certificate (FEMA Site)
Elevation Certificate (Download)

FEMA Flood Map Information (This link requires PowerPoint 2003 or higher in order to view)

Nehalem/Nestucca Flood Remapping
  • Nehalem North Fork Work Map
  • Nehalem North Fork LOMR
  • Nehalem Work Map
  • Nehalem LOMR
  • Nestucca Work Map
  • Nestucca LOMR

  • Southern Flow Corridor
    NHC Flood Modeling Report (2/10 version)
    Modified Southern Flow Corridor
    Figure 1.  Base Project Exodus
    Figure 2.  Southern Flow Corridor
    OWEB Application (Final)

    NEW FEMA Maps

    FEMA Flood Map and Ordinance Amendment Notice 

    FEMA Map Adoption Bulletin

    FEMA Insurance Information



    Flooding in Tillamook County

    Keep your radio tuned to KTIL FM 94.1, your local Emergency Alert System (Emergency Broadcast System), to find out if you need to evacuate and how much time you have. Check here for current river levels.

    What to Do When it Floods in Tillamook County

    Secure your home before leaving; Turn off electricity, gas and water if possible; Fill your car's gas tank; Gasoline pumps will not be working if electricity has been cut off; If there's time, some items to take with you are: Prescription Drugs Food if you require a special diet Eyeglasses Clothing - enough for at least 24 hours Personal items - toiletries, documents, photo albums, etc. Bedding - sleeping bags, blankets, pillows Baby or child supplies Money - cash, credit cards, checks Proper identification - especially important for small children.

    DO NOT ENTER FLOOD WATER! Rushing water from floods and flash floods is extremely deceptive and dangerous. It is possible to be swept away in floodwaters only one-foot deep. Remember: Police barricades are there for your protection. DO NOT DRIVE AROUND THEM. Walking or driving through floodwaters is the most dangerous thing you can do. EMERGENCY SHELTERS If you aren't staying with relatives or friends, designated shelters operated by the Red Cross may be available. Listen to the Emergency Broadcast system or call the Tillamook County Department of Emergency Management at (503) 842-3412 for locations.

    County Flood Services

    The FEMA National Flood Insurance Program provides County residences with significant discounts for flood prevention actions. Additionally FEMA flood maps are available through the Department of Community Development and are available in the Tillamook County Library. If requested, Community Development will do a site visit to review potential flood problems and explain ways to stop flooding or prevent flood damage. You may call the department at 503-842-3408. These services are free.

    What You Can Do

    Avoiding construction in the Special Flood Hazard Area is the best way to limit loss of life and property as the result of flooding. Contact the Department of Community Development (503-842-3408) to obtain any required permits for work in the mapped special flood hazard area.  Elevating your structure to the minimum standards of the NFIP is required and Tillamook County has elected to enforce stricter building code standards to both further reduce the risk of losses due to flooding and to increase the discounts provided through the NFIP Community Rating System program.

    Contact an insurance agent about your eligibility for flood insurance offered through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Don't wait until the last minute -- there is usually a 30-day waiting period before the policy is effective.  After a Flood If damage occurs, contact the County Department of Community Development (842-3408) for an inspection. Repairs are subject to permit requirements. Repair of substantial damage may require elevating the structure.  Encourage others to understand their flood risk and talk with an agent or find one at

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