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Population Estimates - Demographics - Population Projections - Historic Population

This page contains information pertaining to Tillamook County's Population & Demographics. For more information, contact a planner.

Population Estimates

A population estimate is a guess of how many people live in the county in the present or past. The Census taken every 10 years provides the official estimate, with periodic updates available in between. Estimates for Tillamook County are produced by the U.S. Census Bureau Outside Link and the Population Research Center (PRC) Outside Link at Portland State University.

Census Estimates

The Census is taken every 10 years, as required by the U.S. Constitution. The original purpose of the Census was to fix the number of Representatives each state recieved in Congress. It is still used for this purpose, as well as a number of other purposes. In 2000, the number of people in Tillamook County was 24,262.

The Census Bureau also creates annual population estimates between Censuses. The Bureau's estimate for Tillamook County as of July 1, 2006 is 25,380 persons.

Census Bureau estimates page Outside Link

PRC Estimates

The Population Research Center (PRC) at Portland State University provides population estimates for the state and cities and counties in Oregon. The PRC's estimate for Tillamook County as of July 1, 2006 is 25,530 persons.

The PRC also estimates population for cities in Oregon. The table below lists the estimated population of Tillamook County's 7 cities.

CityPopulation Estimate
July 1, 2006
Bay City1,195
Rockaway Beach1,345

PRC estimates page Outside Link

Comparing Census & PRC Estimates

1 Apr 20001 Jul 20001 Jul 20011 Jul 20021 Jul 20031 Jul 20041 Jul 20051 Jul 2006


The Census Bureau collects a variety of information about the population of the country. The QuickFacts Outside Link page for Tillamook County highlights some of the collected demographic information from the 2000 census, including:


Under 5 Years old: 4.8%
Under 18 years old: 22.2%
Over 65 years old: 19.8%


Female: 49.9%
Male: 50.1%


White: 93.9%
Black or African American: 0.2%
American Indian and Alaska Native: 1.2%
Asian: 0.6%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 0.2%

Persons reporting some other race: 1.9%
Persons reporting 2 or more races: 2.0%
White, not of Hispanic/Latino origin: 91.0%
Hispanic or Latino origin: 5.1%


High school graduates: 84.1% (of persons 25 years and older)
Bachelor's degree of higher: 17.6% (of persons 25 years and older)


Housing Units: 16,294
Homeownership rate: 71.8%
Housing units in multi-unit structures: 8.0%

Population Projections

A population projection is a guess of how many people will live in the county in the future. Projections for Tillamook County are produced by the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis Outside Link. The U.S. Census Bureau Outside Link does not produce projections at the county level.

The current estimates were prepared in April of 2004:


Historic Population

Tillamook County's population in each Census since 1900:


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