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RECORD FOR: 851-17-000448-PLNG/ 851-17-000448-PLNG-01/851-17-000448-PLNG-02 : Tillamook People's Utility District

Applicant’s Submittal









TPUD_Planning Applications_Combined

TPUD_Tillamook Co_App_Narrative

Appendix A - Site Maps

Appendix B1 - Power Pole Concept

Appendix B2 - Substation Concept

Appendix C - Farm Forest Impact Assessment

Appendix D - No Rise Analysis

Appendix E - Wetland Report

Appendix F- Geologic Hazard Memo

Appendix G - Biological Report

Completeness Review Letter

TKCO 851-17-000448-PLNG incomplete letter

Applicant’s Response to Incompleteness Letter








851-17-000448-PLNG TPUD incompleteness Acknowledgement

TPUD Completeness Response Letter

Revised Appendix A Fig2

Revised Appendix A Fig3

Revised Appendix A Fig4

Revised Appendix D

Revised Appendix G

ODFW TPUD Transmission line comments

Subject Property Information Map of Subject Properties
List of Subject Properties

February 8th Hearing Notice

 Hearing Notice

February 8th 2018 Hearing Planning Commission Hearing Packet 020818
Applicant Hearing PowerPoint Presentation
Written testimony received at hearing
Hearing Audio
March 8th 2018 Hearing
(Hearing was continued)
Planning Commission Hearing Packet 030818
& Speaker Sign-in Sheets
Testimony provided at hearing
Testimony received between 3/9/2018 to 3/15/2018 Testimony 030918 thru 031518
Applicant Post Hearing Submittal
General Rebuttal Testimony Testimony
Applicant Rebuttal Testimony
Applicant’s Final Rebuttal Testimony 3.29.2018”  Applicant Rebuttal Testimony Final
April 26th, 2018 Hearing Planning Commission Hearing Packet 042618
Orders 851-17-000448-PLNG
          Exhibit C for Order 851-17-000448-PLNG
          Exhibit D for Order 851-17-000448-PLNG
          Exhibit C for Order 851-17-000448-PLNG-01
          Exhibit D for Order 851-17-000448-PLNG-01
          Exhibit C for Order 851-17-000448-PLNG-02
Exhibit D for Order 851-17-000448-PLNG-02
Notice of Decision Decision



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