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This web version of the Tillamook County Land Use Ordinance (LUO) is provided for the convenience of the public. The official version is available at the Tillamook County Department of Community Development, 1501-B Third Street, Tillamook, OR 97141. Tillamook County cannot be held responsible for differences between this web version and the official version of the LUO. Zoning Maps are available online utilizing the link below, then look below for the regulations in that zone listed below. All LUO files are in PDF format. 

Tillamook County Interactive Web Map - You may use this map to find your zoning, however this is NOT the official Zoning map for Tillamook County. Please contact the Planning staff if you have questions about a property.


The amendments reflected throughout the Tillamook County Land Use Ordinance and listed in the conversion table are the result of the 2015 Tillamook County Code Modernization Project, a Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) technical assistance grant funded project that updated key provisions of the Tillamook County Land Use Ordinance (TCLUO) to conform to current state statutes and administrative rules, update requirements and procedures to be consistent with current practices and to achieve desired outcomes, and to generally improve the structure and content of the Tillamook County Land Use Ordinance.

Find the Tillamook County Land Division Ordinance Here.

Section number conversion table

Go to Article: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12

Article 1 - Introduction and General Provisions

1.010 Title
1.020 Purpose
1.030 Compliance with Ordinance Provisions
1.040 Penalties
1.060 Interpretation
1.070 Severability
1.080 Background
1.090 Adoption

Article 2 - Provisions For Zones

2.010 Establishment of Zones
2.020 Location of Zones
2.030 Zone Boundaries
2.040 Authorization of Similar Uses

Article 3 - Zone Regulations

3.002 F-1 Farm
3.004 F Forest
3.006 SFW-20* Small Farm Woodlot -20
3.008 SFW-10 Small Farm and Woodlot-10 acre

3.010 RR-2, RR-10 Rural Residential 2 Acre and Rural Residential 10 Acre
3.011 CSFR Community Single Family Residential
3.012 CR-1 Community Low Density Urban Residential
3.014 CR-2 Community Medium Density Urban Residential
3.016 CR-3 Community High Density Urban Residential
3.018 RMH Residential Mobile Home

3.020 RC Rural Commercial
3.022 CC Community Commercial
3.024 CP Community Public Use

3.030 RI Rural Industrial
3.031 CI Community Industrial
3.032 M-1 General Industrial

3.040 RM Recreation Management
3.042 RN Recreation Natural
3.044 RD Recreation Development
3.045 PDR Planned Destination Resort
3.050 WDD Water-Dependent Development

3.100 Estuary Zones
3.102 Estuary Natural (EN)
3.104 Estuary Conservation Aquaculture (ECA)
3.106 Estuary Conservation 1 (EC1)
3.108 Estuary Conservation 2 (EC2)
3.110 Estuary Development (ED)
3.120 Regulated Activities and Impact Assessments
3.140 Estuary Development Standards

3.300 NKN Neahkahnie Urban Residential Zones
    3.300(5) Building Heights Within Neahkahnie Community Growth boundary
    3.300(6) Special Drainage Enhancement Area Provisions for the South Neahkahnie Area
3.310 ROS Residential Oceanside Zone
3.312 COS Commercial Oceanside Zone
3.314 POS Park Oceanside Zone
3.320 Nesk RR Neskowin Rural Residential
3.322 Nesk R-1 Neskowin Low Density Residential
3.324 Nesk R-3 Neskowin High Density Urban Residential
3.326 Nesk C Neskowin Commercial
3.328 Nesk RM Neskowin Recreation Management
3.330 PCW-P Pacific City/ Woods Park Zone
3.331 PCW-RR Pacific City/ Woods Rural Residential
3.332 PCW-R1 Pacific City/ Woods Low Density Residential
3.333 PCW-R2 Pacific City/ Woods Medium Density Residential
3.334 PCW-R3 Pacific City/ Woods High Density Residential
3.335 PCW-AP Pacific City/ Woods Airpark Zone
3.337 PCW-C1 Pacific City/ Woods Neighborhood Commercial
3.338 PCW-C2 Pacific City/ Woods Community Commercial
3.340 NT-R2 Netarts Medium Density Urban Residential
3.342 NT-R3 Netarts High Density Urban Residential
3.344 NT-RMD Netarts Residential Manufactured Dwelling
3.348 NT-C1 Netarts Neighborhood Commercial

3.500 Overlay Zones
3.505 UFO Utilities Facility Overlay
3.510 FH Flood Hazard Overlay
3.515 SWO Scenic Waterway Overlay
3.520 PD Planned Development Overlay
3.525 CR Coast Resort Overlay
3.530 BD Beach and Dune Overlay
3.545 SH Shoreland Overlay
3.550 FW Freshwater Wetlands Overlay
3.555 MA Mineral and Aggregate Resources Overlay
3.560 TAO Tillamook Airport Obstruction
3.565 PAO Pacific City Airport Obstruction Overlay Zone
3.570 Nesk-CH Neskowin Coastal Hazards Overlay Zone
3.575 NT-PRD Netarts Planned Residential Development Overlay Zone
3.580 TH Tsunami Hazard Overlay Zone

Article 4 - Development Standards

4.000 General Requirements
4.005 Residential and Commercial Zone Standards
4.010 Clear-Vision Areas
4.020 Signs
4.021 Off-Site Advertising Sign Standards
4.030 Off-Street Parking & Off-Street Loading Requirements
4.040 General Provisions Regarding Accessory Uses 
4.060 Access
4.070 Dual Use of Required Open Space
4.080 Distance Between Buildings
4.100 General Exception to Lot Size Requirements
4.110 Exceptions to Yard Setback Requirements
4.120 General Exceptions to Building Height Limitations
4.130 Development requirements for Geologic Hazard Areas
4.140 Requirements for Protection of Water Quality and Streambank Stabilization
4.150 Demolitions or Alterations of Historic Structures
4.160 Protection of Archaeological Sites
4.170 Mixed Use Development
4.180 Home Occupation Performance Standards

Article 5 - Special Use Standards and Exceptions

5.010 Mobile Home/Manufactured Home/Recreation Vehicle Siting Criteria
5.020 Mobile and Manufactured Home Park Standards
5.030 Recreational Campground Standards
5.040 Primitive Campground Standards
5.050 General Exception for the Location of Recreational Vehicles and Mobile Homes
5.070 Temporary Uses
5.080 Garage Sales
5.090 Special Requirements for Mobile Homes
5.100 Neskowin Erosion Control and Stormwater Management

Article 6 - Conditional Use Procedures And Criteria

6.010 Purpose
6.030 General Requirements
6.040 Review Criteria
6.050 Health Hardship Provision
6.060 Conditions of Approval
6.070 Compliance with Conditions
6.080 Time Limit

Article 7 - Nonconforming Uses

Article 8 - Variance Procedure And Criteria

8.010 Purpose
8.020 Procedure
8.030 Review Criteria
8.040 Energy Considerations
8.050 Conditions of Approval
8.060 Compliance with Conditions
8.070 Time Limit

Article 9 - Amendment

9.010 Authorization to Initiate Amendments
9.020 Map Amendment Procedure and Criteria
9.030 Text Amendment Procedure

Article 10 - Administrative Provisions

10.010 Purpose and Applicability
10.020 Applications
10.030 Pre-Application Conference
10.040 Review Types
10.050 General Noticing Requirements
10.060 Type I Procedures
10.070 Type II Procedures
10.080 Type III Procedures
10.090 Type IV Procedures
10.100 Appeal of Type I or Type II Decision
10.110 Appeal of Type III Decision
10.120 Appeal of Type IV Decision
10.130 Remands

Article 11 - Definitions

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