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If you are new to our site, the following instructions will assist you in doing your research of our survey records. Please read through these steps, and print them to refer back to if necessary.

Once you have read through the information, you will find the link to "Continue" to our Records
at the bottom of the page. Of course, if you are still having trouble after attempting this, feel free to call us during normal business hours. Monday-Thursday 8-5 Friday 8-4, we will be happy to assist

If you get an error message when you have selected a map to view, it is probably because you have a "Pop-Up" Blocker turned on. You will need to turn this feature off to view our Map Images. Also, it is only possible to have one survey image open at a time.

1. You will need a Township, Range, & Section (examples-1N10 24AA, 3S 9 05BA, etc.), then your Tax lot.  You can locate this on your Tax Statement. If you only have an address, you can go to the Assessment and Taxation Department and enter that information on their Account Info/Pay Taxes link. You will then see the required information for our Search Page listed as Map #:

            Once you are on the Search Page, choose one of the
            following options depending on the information you
            are working with.........

Option A:
    Map ID:
  Fill in only the Township, Range, & Section by using the drop down box choices and then click on "Search". This should take you to the correct Assessment Map that will have the Survey Records indexed on it. Locate your Tax Lot on the map. (We use the Assessor's Office Assessment maps as the base for entering our Survey Records. On these maps you will sometimes see large numbers listed in various locations on the maps such as 22-10, 22-7, 9, 9-38, 56-8, 56-13, etc. These numbers refer to the levy codes the Tax Department uses for taxation purposes.)     
Option B:
    Survey #:
 If you already have the number of the Survey you want to look at, search for it by entering the survey number in the "Survey #" box, then click on "Search".
2. Survey Records are identified by a letter and number combination. Examples.....A-1234 -- B-1234 -- C-123 -- P-123. "A" & "B" numbers are Survey Maps. "C" numbers are Condominium and Subdivision Maps. "P" numbers are Partition Maps. References such as 5/123, 6/123, 7/123, etc. are in the Rewitness Book links at the left of this page. F1-1, F2-2, F3-3, etc. are the Roll Maps/Highway Strip Maps and are accessed on the Search Page. The F40 & F41 Maps have a link at the upper left portion of this page.  

3. Survey Records are listed on the maps in the areas that they pertain to. Click on the Survey Record you wish to view from the list to the left of the Assessment Map in the first drop down box. This will open the map image in a new window. Occasionally the map you would like to view will not be in the list, in that case go to the Survey # option at the top of the screen and enter the number.

4. Roll Maps (F1's thru F30's). These are listed in the second drop down box at the lower left of the Search page. To view these images, you will need to click on the small arrow on the right of the box, scroll down until you come to the number you are looking for, click once on that number, then click the "View Roll Map" box that is just below the image list.

5. Map Images can be enlarged, for viewing, using the "+" and "" magnifying glasses and can be moved around to get to the appropriate area by using the "Hand" symbol.

6. Printing. If you do not have a printer large enough to print the image to scale, and that is what you need, you can come into our office and get a print or call the office and one can be mailed to you for the cost of the print plus shipping and handling. There is a link to charges for these services on our home page. When printing on your personal printer, you will need to adjust your printer options so that you will get the entire map. Simply choose the Page Scaling or equivalent option within your Print parameters.

The following are additional information used for Survey Research and can be accessed through the links at the upper left section of this page:

F-40 MapsF-41 Maps
Corner References
- Listings of all Records of Surveys, Partitions, Subdivisions, Rewitnesses, etc. that reference Initial Points, Quarter Corners, Sixteenth Corners, Section Corners, etc.
Rewitness Books-Referenced as 1/111, 2/222, etc.
Rewitness Cards - Referenced as RW 1, RW 2, etc. on the maps are Records of Corner History.
Partition Plats - This is a numeric list that will give you our Index Number that you will need for locating it on our Search Page.
Subdivisions & Condominium Plats - An alphabetical list that will give you our Index Number for locating it on our Search Page.
Original GLO Scans
- The link will take you to the Bureau of Land Management page.
Bench Marks and Other NGS Survey Marks - The link will take you to the NGS/NOAA page. 



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