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The Tillamook County Treasurer's Office takes pride in serving the citizens of Tillamook County in a courteous, professional, respectful, and accountable manner.
The Tillamook County Treasurer's staff is committed to achieving its mission through:

• Enriching our community by being excellent stewards of our time and resources; managing public funds with integrity and efficiency.

• Upholding fiduciary and statutory responsibilities; staying abreast of new legislation, or changes in existing legislation, that affect current procedures of the County to insure continued compliance.

• Commitment to delivering excellent service to the community and County departments with competence and high standards.

Tillamook County Expenditures over $500 is posted and available for review. The expenditures may be viewed under the Treasurer departments' website. Copies of all or part of the posted information may be obtained from the county Treasurer upon request and upon payment of a few not exceeding the actual costs incurred by the county in making copies of the posted information.

All files are in PDF format. Please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you are unable to view these documents.

Personnel:Elected Treasurer, 1 Deputy Treasurer, 1 Accounting Technician, and 1 Payroll Specialist
Budget:General fund
Services: The Treasurer's offices primary function is to provide internal services to other county departments and to management. However, the public has access to county financial information through the Treasurers Office.

The Treasurer is one of nine Tillamook County elected officials and is charged with the responsibility of oversight of proper receipting, disbursement and preservation of county funds. The Treasurer manages all banking relationships, and is the county's Chief Investment Officer.

The Treasurer's department includes accounts payable, payroll services, monitoring financial assets, and distribution of tax monies. It also oversees the comprehensive county audit, coordinates the budget process and assists all county departments with their fiscal issues.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns at the numbers listed below.

Banking, Investments, Reporting, Budget, Distribution to Taxing Districts

Shawn Blanchard 503-842-3439
Debra Jacob 503-842-3425

 Accounts Receivable, Procurement Card, Motor Pool

Karen Kronoff 503-842-2032 x 3471


Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Grants, Central Purchasing:
Diane Powers 503-842-3401

Suzanne Barstad 503-842-3447

Fax: 503-842-1829

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