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Research and Preparation Fees:

    County Clerk’s Office: $ 40 per hour, billed in ¼ hour intervals.
    Assessor’s Staff: $ 40 per hour, billed in ¼ hour intervals.
    Cartographer: $ 80 per hour, billed in ¼ hour intervals.
Material Fees:

    Paper copies (8 ½" x 11"): $ 0.25 per page
    CD-ROM copies
: $ 2 plus preparation time cost as listed above.
    DVD-ROM copies
: $ 5 plus preparation time cost as listed above.
    Plot Cost:  per copy
        34" x 44":   $25
        22" x 34":   $13
        17" x 22":   $6.50
        11" x 17":   $3.25
        8.5" x 11":  $2.50
        8.5" x 11" from Color Laser Printer:  $1
        8.5" x 11" from B&W Laser Printer:  $0.25 per page

Data Fees:

    Assessor Tax Lots in shapefile format:
        First Purchase: $1,500
        Annual update: $ 400
    PDF Images of Assessor Maps
: Free - Click Here
    On CD
:  $ 4 per map, plus material cost; $ 2 per map for over 50 maps.
    County Roads
Layer in shapefile format:
        County-wide: $ 500
        Limited area: Fee based on processing time, as listed above.
    Other GIS Data
layers in shapefile format:
        $ 0.05 per polygon, or $ 0.10 per arc whichever is appropriate, plus
        preparation and media costs.

Waiver of Fees:

At their discretion, the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners may choose to reduce or waive the fees charged for data from the GIS. Data from the GIS may also be exchanged for data of interest from another governmental agency or non-governmental organization. Please contact the GIS Coordinator for more information on in-kind data exchanges.

Payment for GIS Products:

All GIS products purchased from Tillamook County must be paid for in advance by check or money order made out to Tillamook County. Cash payment will only be accepted at the Assessment and Taxation Department in person or by mail.

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