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Landslides, Storms, Snow Days




                                        12/8/2015 Miami Foley Road

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Tillamook County almost every year (and sometimes multiple times per year) has a major storm.  Here are some pages about past storms in the county with accompanying photographs.  To view a photograph of a creek flowing over Trask River Road right before the road is washed out during the November 1999 Storm, click here.

2015 December Storm : Oceanside presentation April 2016

1996 February Storm

1999 November Storm

2007 December Storm (page currently under construction)

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Snow Days

Tillamook County occasionally enjoys a few inches of snow in some of the higher elevations and a sprinkling of snow on the valley floor several times a year.  Heavy snow fall on the valley floor does not happen very often.  Here are some pictures of when it has.

2/22/2008 Cochran Road closure Photo

1/11/2007 Public Works Maintenance Shop Photo

1/11/2007 Public Works Yard Photo

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