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This is a photograph of Trask River Road in the fall.
The Road Department maintains over 386 miles of roads (on over 600 different roads) and 101 bridges.



Tillamook County is divided into three areas:  North, Central, and South.  Each district has a Public Works shop and yard.  The North County Shop is located in Nehalem, the Central County Shop is located in Tillamook along with the Fleet Maintenance Shop and Main Office, and the South County Shop is located in Cloverdale. 

North Area

The North area extends from the Clatsop County border to the intersection of Miami-Foley Road with Hwy 101. This area includes Falcon Cove immediately south of the Hwy 101 tunnel and a portion of Cochran Road in the eastern part of the County near the town of Timber.

Central Area

This area extends from the intersection of Miami-Foley Road with Hwy 101 to Green Timber Road (south of Pleasant Valley).

South Area

This area extends south of Green Timber Road to the Lincoln County border. This district includes Savage Road that can only be reached by driving through Lincoln County South of Cascade Head.

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County Road System

The 386 miles of roads under the Tillamook County jurisdiction generally consists of all the roads within the county except for the following:

The primary function of the Road Department is to maintain county roads. County roads are roads that have been dedicated to the public and then accepted by the Board of County Commissioners to be maintained by the county. State Highways such as Hwy 101 and Hwy 131 are not County Roads and are maintained by the Oregon Department of Transportation.  The primary maintenance activities performed by the Road Department are, striping, brush cutting, sanding, snow plowing, sign maintenance, gravel road grading, vegetation management, paving, and bridge maintenance. The crew is on call 24 hours per day to mitigate any other potential safety problem.

Other functions include implementing county ordinances, contracting large projects, obtaining permits for work in environmentally sensitive areas, writing grant proposals to obtain additional state and federal funds, managing Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation funds, repairing Road Department equipment and responding to storms.

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The Road Department currently employs 21 employees.  The breakdown is as follows:

Road Maintenance:  12
Fleet Maintenance:  3
Engineering, Bridge, Signs and Permits:  3
Administrative Staff:  2
Director: 1

Due to decreasing budgets, the Road Department has decreased from 50 employees in 1982 to 40 employees in 1996 to 22 employees in 2013. 

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