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Road History, Road Data, Public/Local Access Roads, Forest Service Roads, County Roads Within Cities 

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The information used in this application is performed by a contractor and updated every 2 years depending on budget.  The information is provided by the Tillamook County Public Works (Road) Department.  Tillamook County cannot accept any responsibility for any errors, omissions or positional accuracy, and there are no warranties which accompany this information.   While Tillamook County strives to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the information. Any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk.  In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits or monies owed arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this information.  This product is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for, or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes.

 This is a photograph of Tillamook River Road being flooded.

Tillamook County Road Department is continually challenged in the maintenance of its roads and bridges by the natural elements.  Above is a picture of flood waters covering a portion of Tillamook River Road.  Tillamook County receives an average annual rainfall of approximately 90 inches per year.  Tillamook also has ice, snow, rivers, and ocean tides that take a toll on the roads and bridges of the county.  (For a photograph of the Public Works maintenance shop during the January 2007 snow storm click here.)

Road History

In 1854, there were three designated road districts in Tillamook County.  In 1855, the County Court determined that each man living in the County would contribute 15 work days each year toward the maintenance of the County Road System.  And in 1859, Oregon became a state.

For the history of city, community, and road name origins click here.

For historical photographs of roads, bridges, and other views of the county click here.

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Road Data

Mileage Breakdown by Type of Road

Tillamook County has over 380 miles of roads.  Of the 376.86 miles of county maintained roads, 281.04 miles are paved and 95.82 are graveled.  For the 47.58 miles of local access roads, 14 miles are paved and 33.58 are graveled.  (These figures for local access roads include roads within the Three Rivers Road District which are public roads maintained by the district.

Local access roads are public roads which are under Tillamook County jurisdiction but the County has no liability to maintain but will replace and provide regulatory signs and clear the road for emergency vehicles when needed.  See below.

Mileage Breakdown by District

Tillamook County has over 380 miles of roads.  Of the 97.90 miles in the North District, 58.90 miles are paved and 39 miles are graveled.  Of the 150.86 miles in the Central District, 124.04 miles are paved and 26.82 miles are graveled.  Of the 135 miles in the South District, 101 miles are paved and 34 miles are graveled.  (Road miles include all County jurisdiction roads - County Maintained and Local Access Roads.  South District mileage includes roads within the Three Rivers Road District that are maintained by the District.)

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Public/Local Access Roads

In the past, Tillamook County Public Works mowed, patched, and graded local access roads.  Due to a loss of 43% of our revenue because of the expiration of PL-106.393 (Federal Forest Dollars) we are no longer able to provide these services.  We will continue to provide regulation signs (i.e. stop and street name signs) and in the event of a landslide or down trees, Public Works will re-open the road for emergency vehicles. Please click here for a list of roads affected. Click here for the Board Order. Click here for ORS.  The Tillamook County Board of Commissioners clarified Board Order #08-110 with Board Order #14-03 Click here establishing criteria when the County Road Department will fix Local Access Roads.

Forest Service Roads

Tillamook County has a reciprocal agreement with Siuslaw National Forest regarding the maintenance of selected roads.

Siuslaw National Forest maintains the following County jurisdiction roads in/through their lands:  Galloway Road (mile post 2.43-2.80 - paved), Clarence Creek Road (mile post 0.00-1.06 - gravel), Borba/Bay Creek Road (mile post 1.45-2.70 - gravel), and Farmer Creek Road (mile post 1.30-2.32 - gravel).

Tillamook County maintains the following SNF jurisdiction roads:  Mt. Hebo Road (mile post 0.00-1.05 - paved), Bunn Creek Road (mile post 0.21-1.00 -

Maintenance on these roads by the other jurisdiction includes light, regular on-going maintenance. Large scale road repairs and significant bridge maintenance remains the responsibility of the owner jurisdiction. The above roads are in the South District maintenance area. The above forest service road information is summary only.

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County Roads Within Cities

These are the county roads within the city limits of the following cities:

Bay City

There are no county roads within City of Bay City city limits.


There are no county roads within Garibaldi city limits.


Cherry St     (South line of Lot 4, Block 3 to College Ave)
County Road     (Manzanita Ave to 50 ft South of North Ave)
College Ave     (Cherry St to Ridge St)
High Ave     (Cherry St to Elm St)
Laneda Ave     (Highway 101 to Division St)
Necarney Blvd     (Just North of Chinook Lane [1st St] to Sitka Lane [6th St])
Necarney City Rd     (All that portion within Sec 29 T3N R10W)
Nutmeg St     (South corner Lot 5, Block 35 to Poysky Ave)
Ocean Rd     (Laneda Ave to Section Line between Sections 20 & 29 T3N R10W)
Poysky Ave     (Knobcone St to East corner Lot 1, Block 31)
Puffin Lane a.k.a. 2nd St     (Necarney Blvd to West end)
Ridge/Larch a.k.a. 3rd St     (Ocean Ave to College Ave)


North Fork Nehalem Rd     (Hwy 101 to North city limits)
D St     (North Fork Nehalem Rd to 7th St)
7th St     (D St to North Fork Nehalem Rd)

Rockaway Beach

Beach St     (West of railroad)
Breaker Ave     (Stark North 900' to Alder)
Harriman Ave     (Stark Street North)
N. 6th Ave     (Hwy 101 East 1730')
N. Falcon St     (N. 3rd North 100')
N. Juniper St     (N. 6th St South 400' to N. 5th St)
N. Miller Ave     (NW 20th South to NW19th)
NE 20th Ave     (260' West of Miller Ave)
NE 23rd Ave     (75' East of Hwy 101, 275' West of Hwy 101)
NW 9th Ave     (North Miller Westerly 320')
NW 12th Ave     (North Miller West 265')
NW 19th Ave     (310' West of Hwy 101, 405' East of Hwy 101)
S. 2nd St     (Grayling to Keel St)
S. Anchor St     (Washington St South to Stark St)
S. Beacon St     (Washington St South 450')
S. Coral St     (Washington St South 450')


3rd St     (from Marolf Loop Road to Trask River Rd)
Goodspeed Rd     (1st 500 ft West from hwy 101)
12th St     (250 ft West of RR tracks to Murray Way)


There are no county roads within Wheeler city limits.

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