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The Tillamook Sign Shop is responsible for the manufacture, installation, maintenance, and inventory of the signs on roads under the jurisdiction of Tillamook County.  It also performs emergency repairs to stop signs during off-duty hours as well as providing storm related signing support.  The Sign Shop coordinates, supports, and supervises the contract striping of county roads which is currently contracted out to Marion County.

Sign Shop personnel are responsible for reviewing the Business Guide Sign Ordinance and Order #10-22  This ordinance covers the permit process and standards for approved business guide signs. Only signs authorized by Tillamook County are allowed in public road right of ways.  For businesses that wish to have a sign placed in the public right of way, they must fill out a Business Guide Sign Permit Application and submit it to the Public Works office for consideration.

Every year the following traffic markings are painted or refreshed:

Sign Request Policy
Tillamook County Road Department often receives road signing requests. The purposes of this signing policy is to outline procedures for handling various types of signing requests in the Tillamook County right of ways.





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