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Tillamook County Surveyors Preferences

For filling out Oregon Public Land Corner Report/ Restoration Report



  Please use Tillamook County Oregon Public Land Corner Report when completing a Restoration, Condition Report, Rewitness, and Referencing out or resetting a corner monument.


  Provide a complete list of References used to fill out report; Rewitnesses, Restorations and Surveys used in researching report.


  Please list all accessories that were listed on the reference material used to complete report whether the accessories were found or not; also please indicate if accessory was found or now gone.


  Digital photos are preferred rather than a sketch of the monument.


  Please describe location of monument as though you were giving driving directions. Please use the closest Road names, Intersections, Hwy name or Number, closest mile marker or land mark and distances and bearings from road or land mark to monument.


Corner/Restoration Report Form


















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