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     Office Hours: 

     Monday-Thursday 8-5

     * Fridays 8-4 *

    Closed for the Noon Hour







     Mailing Address:

     1510 3rd St., Suite C

     Tillamook OR 97141

    Located in the TLC / Fibre Federal

    Credit Union Building

     2nd Floor - Use Elevator




                      Mike Rice, County Surveyor


Most of Our Survey Records are available online. You can access these records by clicking the "Online Records" link on the left. 

The additional links, on the left, are to several other forms and lists that should be helpful in doing business with our office.

Also, Please check out the History of the Tillamook Surveyor Department selection.

**As of June 2, 2018 and per House Bill 4007 (HB 4007), The State of Oregon has raised the Clerk Recording Fees at the County Clerk's offices for each County.  Please contact your local County Clerk for further information. 

You may also see our fee sheet for recording fees that pertain to Partition Plats and survey related items that must be recorded in the Clerks Office above under "filing fees". **

For the most recent up to date "ODOT" Highway Right of way maps, please email the following for further information. You may also call the State Highway Department in Astoria at 503-325-5853.

Our office does not perform private surveys to the public. You must contact a Private Land Surveyor to perform this service. Please see below for the function of the County Surveyor and the description of what this office does.

Please note: We cannot give legal advice. Should you have a question that is requiring legal advice, please seek legal council.

Flood zone information is available from the Department of Community Development. 
Check their web page or call 503-842-3408, our office does not keep these records as they are filed with Community Development.




The most current Deed or Title Report, Letter of Approval from
Community Development or City of Jurisdiction along with our required fees.


The most current Deed or Title Report and required fee.
The Plat & Declaration need to be submitted to this office for review at the same time as
it is being submitted to the Real Estate Commission.


Letter of Approval from Community Development, and our required fee.
If you would like to submit the new Legal descriptions of the proposed changes that would be
included in any deeds, we will also review those when we review the map.


The maps produced by the Metsker Company are no longer available through that company. 
Instead they recommend contacting:

 Big Sky County Maps of Oregon online at


are available from the following company







Our office does survey work and mapping for Tillamook County Government.

We are also responsible for the recovery, restoration, and preservation of all Public Land Corners as well as maintain the grid in which all surveys are based. (i.e. Section corners, Quarter corners, DLC corners, Initial Points of Subdivisions, etc.) 

We maintain all surveys of record and verify plats, boundary line adjustments and check maps that are turned in by the private land surveyors. 

***We have records of mapping or corner information and some aerial photos.***



Reviewing and recording survey work done by private surveyors and companies.

One Paper Copy, in Final format, is accepted for preliminary review and must be accompanied with the necessary Review Fees

(see link above for Fee Schedule)-calculated on whether it is a Survey, Lot Line Adjustment, Partition, Subdivision, or Condominium being submitted. 

There are, also, applications that need to be included with Partitions, Subdivisions, and Condominiums. 

Final versions of Survey Maps can be submitted on vellum or Mylar.

Final versions of Subdivisions, Condominiums, and Partitions must be on Mylar. Take into consideration, that according to O.R.S. 209.250(4)(a), the County Surveyor has 30 days in which to review and return all maps submitted for review. 

Partition Plats, Subdivision Plats, and Condominium Plats are signed by the County Surveyor and other required departments. 

Per O.R.S. 92.090(1), Subdivision names need to be approved by the County Surveyor.  Call or come by our office to verify that the name you are considering is available. Once we have verified the availability of the name, we will mail a letter of confirmation to you.

Condominium names need to be approved by the County Assessor.




209.140 Necessary interference with corners; prior notice to county surveyor required; exception for emergency; fees.

(1) Any person or public agency that finds it necessary to interfere with or pave over any established public land survey corner or accessories for any reason, shall notify the county surveyor prior to the interference, who shall lower and witness the monument, or place another monument and witness over the existing monument or reference and replace or set a witness monument, as the case may demand, and record the proceedings in the record of permanent surveys. The county surveyor may charge a fee in an amount that will reimburse the county for the work performed.

(2) When an emergency exists and the county surveyor is unavailable, the person or public agency causing the interference shall cause a registered professional land surveyor to preserve the monument as required in subsection (1) of this section. The registered professional land surveyor referencing the monument shall notify the county surveyor of the references within two business days after the references or interference, whichever occurs first.

209.150 Removal or destruction of monument; notice to county surveyor; replacement of monument; exception.

(1) Any person or public agency removing, disturbing or destroying any survey monument of record in the office of the county surveyor or county clerk shall cause a registered professional land surveyor to reference and replace the monument within 90 days of the removal, disturbance or destruction. The registered professional land surveyor referencing and replacing the monument shall do so in the same manner that is provided for public land survey corners according to ORS 209.140 and shall notify the county surveyor of that action within two business days. The costs of referencing and replacing the survey monument shall be paid by the person or public agency causing the removal, disturbance or destruction.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, a county surveyor may, upon written request and written notice to an affected property owner, provide written authorization to a registered professional land surveyor to remove a survey monument other than a public land survey corner as defined in ORS 209.005. A county surveyor may require that the position of the removed monument be referenced to another survey monument and noted on a survey map filed in accordance with ORS 209.250.



     - Other Records that are not online.

     - Map standards, land section diagrams, township maps.   



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